Islamic world news

Human rights groups and Muslim representatives have expressed outrage over the release of 11 men serving life sentences for gang rape and murder during the 2002 Gujarat riots


A top electoral body official in Indian-administered Kashmir has said people from any part of India "living ordinarily" in the region are eligible to vote in the elections for the local assembly likely to be held next year.


One year since the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, families who have been resettled face myriad challenges.


Bangladesh has urged the United Nations to effectively engage with Myanmar in the sustainable repatriation of the displaced Rohingya people to their home country of Myanmar’s Rakhine State.


The government of India-administered Jammu and Kashmir has sacked two academics and two officials, accusing them of involvement in "secessionist" activities.


Iranian women have launched protests in response to the regime's controversial decision to hold an annual 'Hijab and Chastity Day' while also renewing the notorious morality police patrols on Iran's streets.


While many countries cut diplomatic ties with Afghanistan after the Taliban's return to power last year, Turkey, the only NATO member with a diplomatic presence in the war-torn country, has been active on many fronts.


Myanmar's military since seizing power in February last year has waged a bloody crackdown on dissent, with the violence leaving more than 2,100 civilians dead and nearly 15,000 arrested.