Islamic world news

A devastating airstrike on a marketplace in Khartoum resulted in the death of 43 individuals on Sunday, as reported by a health organization.


German authorities documented 258 Islamophobic incidents in the initial half of 2023, as revealed by parliament data on Monday.


On Saturday, 8th of July 2023, MSAK (Muslim Student Association of Korea) and Salam Nuri hosted an enriching seminar titled "Understanding Islam through Maqasid Al-Qur’an".


Residents, local authorities, and a community organization have all reported that more than 3,000 impoverished Muslims have fled Gurugram this month, a bustling business hub located on the outskirts of India's capital


Turkish President Hosts Global Delegation of Over 20 Prominent Muslim Scholars from Around the World


The Ijtihad and Fatwa Committee held its second meeting on Saturday, August 5, 2023, to discuss the Fatwa Document.


Indonesian authorities detained a Muslim preacher on Wednesday on charges that include religious blasphemy and incitement to hatred,


During a meeting in Istanbul, the International Union called on the "United Nations to take appropriate action, considering that these insults towards Muslim sanctities threaten international peace."