Anna Stamou, spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Greece, many times want to quit, but rises up the next day continuing: “I try to grab a chance to meet and have good people around me.


The jurisprudence of the balance is a major, rather than minor, field of jurisprudential knowledge. This is because it sets criteria for interpretation, independent reasoning, and derivation


Urban contexts led to the fragmentation and dispersal of families between far-off neighborhoods Working times overshadowed righteousness and compassion after the tyranny of capitalism over the appreciation of the value of time


We feel that the earth is reduced from its edges with the loss of the Imam and the leader of leaders, the master of the celebrities, the jurist of the nation,


In India, saffron scarves have turned into a symbol of hatred and violence against Muslims. The orange color scarf was donned by Hindutva mobs as they heckled


This video presents evidence from biology, genetics, and linguistics that it might.


Muslim convert Anna Stamou tells Athens Insider’s Phoebe Greenwood about the growing number of Greeks converting to Islam and why she feels a responsibility to inform and support them.


The olive season in Palestine is not only the season for picking olives, which is pressed and sold to earn an entire year’s living for families throughout Palestine. Rather,