The dictionary definition of the balance – almeizan in Arabic – is an apparatus for weighing objects.


The dictionary definition of jurisprudence – fiqh in Arabic –  is understanding, but it must be accurate understanding,  as accuracy is what distinguishes jurisprudence from general understanding. Accordingly,


Sudan is the land of goodness and good people, no matter how many enemies have united against it, Allah will preserve it for the people of the Koran,


In-depth: Zaatari camp in Jordan was meant to be a temporary settlement for Syrian refugees. On Friday, it turns ten - but what will be the future of its residents?


How many times have you gone through something and didn’t understand why you were struggling — only to find out later that the outcome was much better than what you had hoped for.


uro-America is going through a wave of populism that is pandering to ideas around Western superiority and white ethno-nationalism. Muslims have been defined as both the internal and external enemies of this project.


Is the western concept of universal human rights compatible with the islamic concept of universal human rights? With specific reference to the economic rights of women in islam


Today we are grateful to our Lord who has loaned South Africa a rare human being, a rare Muslim, a rare Imam, and a rare comrade. I speak of Sheikh Abdul Gamiet Gabier.