Branch news

Invited by the branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Palestine, Palestinian scholars organized a rally and press conference entitled "Resistance is a Legitimate Right and Al-Aqsa is our Holy Mosque."


The International Union of Muslim Scholars - Malaysia branch - in cooperation with the Selayang Mosque organized a scientific course on "Fiqh of Mosque Architecture".


A new report from the Tunisian branch of the Union states that they have continued their training activities using the same previous division,


 IUMS participated in the Islamic Conference held by the Islamic University of Alikrah in India entitled "The Muslim Nation, A way to foreground", in the presence of Dr. Zafar Al


IUMS-branch of Palestine in cooperation with the Department of Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Al-Aqsa University a study day entitled "university professor betwe


 IUMS Palestine Branch regulates today Thursday 4/14/2016 a graduation ceremony of the brothers who finished the Islamic politics courses in the west of Gaza area and they are 192 broth


 D. Albenjubni: The phenomenon of Daash is retreating in northern Iraq, and the role of the Union expands 
  A member of IUMS, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wahab Albenjwyne,