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Understanding Islam through Maqasid Al-Qur’an": A Landmark Event Unites Muslim Students in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea - On Saturday, 8th of July 2023, MSAK (Muslim Student Association of Korea) and Salam Nuri hosted an enriching seminar titled "Understanding Islam through Maqasid Al-Qur’an". This event was convened at the prestigious Fillone Conference Hall in Center Point Gwanghwamun Building.

The gathering served as a bridge to bring together over 60 attendees comprising international and Korean Muslim students, non-Muslims, new Muslims, and those interested in understanding the tenets of Islam.

The occasion was graced by esteemed speakers from the Maqasid Institute, Dr. Jasser Auda & Dr. Zaid Barzinji, who delved deep into subjects such as the oneness of God (Tawheed) and the overarching objectives of Islamic law (Maqasid Al-Qur’an). Both scholars emphasized the higher goals of Islam and addressed contemporary challenges using solutions anchored in Islam's divine higher objectives.

Brother Abdul Saboor Zaheeb, President of MSAK, highlighted the association's endeavors and underscored the significance of such gatherings, especially in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic which had limited similar events in the past years.

The audience highly praised the event's format which not only provided illuminating lectures but also interactive Q&A sessions and networking breaks. Participants were captivated by the speakers’ deep insights, their encouraging approach to questioning, and the sharing of experiences living in Korea.

MSAK received requests to organize future events of this caliber, with many showing keen interest in contributing to MSAK's initiatives.

The event culminated in a gesture of gratitude, with gifts presented to the distinguished guests on behalf of MSAK and Salam Nuri, and a commemorative group photograph.

For those unable to attend, the association encourages keeping an eye out for future events and gatherings aimed at fostering understanding and unity among the Muslim community in Korea.



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