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Germany registers over 250 Islamophobic incidents this year.

German authorities documented 258 Islamophobic incidents in the initial half of 2023, as revealed by parliament data on Monday.

In the span from January to June, over a dozen mosques were targeted, and numerous Muslims encountered physical violence or faced verbal abuse in public spaces, resulting in injuries to seventeen individuals.

This data was made public by the German Interior Ministry, following an inquiry from the opposition's Left Party.

The detailed report from the ministry enumerated the incidents as hate crimes, menacing letters, verbal and physical confrontations, as well as damage to property.

The first three months of the year saw 124 cases, while the subsequent quarter, from April to June, had 134 reported incidents.

Although investigations have been initiated against multiple individuals, the Interior Ministry confirmed that no detentions have occurred yet.

A significant portion of these incidents transpired in the eastern regions of Germany, historically known as bastions for far-right entities. Yet, numerous Islamophobic incidents were also reported in major cities like Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Munich.

The rising tide of racism and xenophobia in Germany is often linked to the narratives promoted by far-right factions, including antisemitic and anti-Muslim sentiments, notably from parties like the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

With a population surpassing 84 million, Germany hosts the second-largest Muslim community in Western Europe, following France. Official records estimate nearly 5 million Muslims reside in the country.



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