miscellaneous news

Heavy rains usually fall in Sudan between May and October, and the country faces severe flooding every year, wrecking property, infrastructure and crops.


Lebanon and Syria are continuing with a plan to deport Syrian refugees despite mounting concerns from rights groups.


كشف إعلام عبري، الثلاثاء، أن الأطفال الخمسة الذين قضوا في اليوم الثاني للعدوان على قطاع غزة، قتلوا جراء قصف الطائرات الإسرائيلية.


ANKARA (AA): A deputy speaker of Greece’s parliament has advocated “the necessity of spying on” the country’s Turkish Muslim deputies, local media reported Thursday.


A recent research study revealed the discrimination experienced by headscarved women in job applications in Europe.


Police announce apprehending the driver of a vehicle believed to be involved in two of the four slayings in the American state's largest Albuquerque city.


The besieged coastal enclave has gradually returned to its daily life once again, after a heavy three-day conflict between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Israeli army.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad group and Israel agreed to an Egyptian brokered cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, after three days of intense Israeli bombing of civilian areas in Gaza