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Second Meeting of the Ijtihad and Fatwa Committee Discusses the Fatwa Document

The Ijtihad and Fatwa Committee held its second meeting on Saturday, August 5, 2023, to discuss the Fatwa Document. This essential document aims to guide and regulate the process of issuing religious edicts (Fatwas) in line with contemporary developments, emphasizing the role of Fatwas in directing individuals towards correct religious behavior.

During the initial meeting held on May 20, 2023, the committee members had discussed the preliminary draft of the Fatwa Document. Based on the feedback and comments from committee members, a sub-committee, chaired by Sheikh Mohammad Görmez and comprising several renowned scholars and Muftis, was tasked with formulating the document and specifying its contents precisely.

In the second meeting, the document's proposed wording and articles were meticulously examined. Discussions stretched over three consecutive hours, with each section of the document being scrutinized in detail, leading to exchanges on various religious and legal aspects.

Following these extensive discussions, it was decided to assign a new sub-committee to prepare the document's final draft, considering all the feedback and remarks made during the meeting. This sub-committee is expected to carefully study each text and clause in the document to ensure the utmost accuracy and clarity. The final draft is slated to be presented to all committee members for final approval within three days.

It is noteworthy to mention that this meeting marks the concluding session of the Ijtihad and Fatwa Committee for the current term of 1440-1445H, aiming to culminate in the preparation of the Fatwa Document.


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