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Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Hosts International Union of Muslim Scholars


ANKARA - President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with a distinguished delegation from the World Union of Muslim Scholars at the Presidential Complex in Ankara on Tuesday. This momentous gathering sought to strengthen ties, promote mutual understanding, and address critical challenges facing Muslims worldwide.

Key attendees included the Union's Vice President, Sheikh Dr. Issam Al-Bashir, and Secretary-General, Sheikh Dr. Ali Muhiddin Al Qaradaghi. The assembly was further graced by prominent figures such as the Head of Religious Affairs, Ali Erbaş, and the President of the Institute for Islamic Thought, Professor Muhammed Görmez.

Distinguished scholars and preachers, including Sheikh Omar Abdul Kafi, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Saghir, Sheikh Mohammad Ratib Al-Nabulsi, and others, enriched the discussions with their insights and experiences. 

Dr. Ali Qaradaghi, Secretary-General of the World Union of Muslim Scholars, highlighted in a post-meeting reflection the importance of collective work in bolstering communication and understanding. He expressed a fervent hope for unity, cooperation, and collaborative action among the Islamic nation’s constituents.

An enlightening point from the meeting came from Dr. Mohammad Al-Saghir, who noted the gathering's representation from various corners of the globe, with over 20 scholars present. He emphasized that significant issues concerning the Muslim community, especially migrants in Turkey, were discussed in-depth. 

The meeting was timely, coinciding with a campaign initiated by the Turkish Ministry of Interior addressing the challenges posed by illegal immigration. With rising concerns about the welfare of Arab migrants who fled oppressive regimes, this initiative becomes all the more critical.

Another pressing issue underlined was the recent surge in distressing acts of desecration involving the Holy Quran. The Turkish government has been vocal in its condemnation, urging countries like Sweden and Denmark to enact measures against such transgressions.

This gathering is a testament to Turkey's commitment to fostering understanding, promoting Islamic teachings, and ensuring the well-being of Muslims globally.


Source: IUMS




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