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Iraqi Kurdistan Branch of International Union of Muslim Scholars Elects New Leadership and Members, Strengthening Unity and Addressing Regional Challenges

On March 2, 2024, the Iraqi Kurdistan branch held a session at the Humanitarian Association building in Dohuk, a city within the Iraqi Kurdistan region. This session was initiated by the Erbil branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, attended by esteemed gentlemen and scholars.

Dr. Sayed Ahmed Abdul Wahab Al-Benjwini, the branch president, along with members including Dr. Zaid Yasin, Dr. Ahmed Warti, and Dr. Mouloud, participated in this significant gathering.

The session's goal was to select a new head and new members for the Dohuk department of the branch, following the recommendations proposed for the Kurdistan Region.

Dohuk Elections

The nomination and election process was spearheaded by the branch's specialized committee, which discussed pressing general issues facing the Islamic and regional communities, including political, intellectual, economic, and religious crises.

Special attention was given to the situation in Gaza, condemning the crimes committed by Israel and its allies against innocent people and infrastructure, as well as the Palestinian Islamic identity.

The session underscored the importance of the Islamic nation's collective efforts in addressing challenges, emphasizing the need for self-esteem, religious pride, and national unity.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars

Attendees also discussed the Union's significance in serving the nation and its scholars, highlighting its pivotal role in addressing corruption and disturbances within the community. They stressed the need for the Union's projects to be implemented in reality everywhere, including the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Department Head Election

Subsequently, the specialized committee commenced the electoral process for the Dohuk department. The nomination method allowed each individual to select three members (the department head and two other members). After votes were cast and tallied, the names of the candidates for the department head and new members in Dohuk were announced, with the results as follows:

  • Dr. Amin Haji Doski received 9 out of 12 votes.
  • Dr. Salah Taha received 7 out of 12 votes.
  • Mr. Qasim Sabri received 6 out of 12 votes.

An advisory committee member for the Erbil branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars was also elected, with Mr. Daham receiving 6 out of 12 votes following the election of two members from the Dohuk department at the mentioned conference.

Dr. Amin Haji Doski took on the responsibility in the Dohuk department of the Union's Kurdistan Region branch, with Dr. Salah Taha Hitoti and Mr. Qasim Sabri Sgiri selected as members.

Mr. Daham Hasniany was chosen as an advisory committee member for the Erbil branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

At the session's conclusion, Dr. Salahuddin Rekani handed over the Dohuk department files of the Kurdistan Region branch to Dr. Amin Haji. Dr. Sheikh Sayed Ahmed, the branch president, offered prayers for everyone, and the session concluded peacefully.

Source: The Union



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