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Kurdistan Iraq Branch and Russian Federation Delegation of Religious Leaders and Mufti Agree on Cooperation, Relationship Enhancement, and Combating Extremist Ideology.

The Kurdistan Region branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars receives a delegation of religious leaders and the Mufti of the Russian Federation, in the presence of several members of the Higher Council of the Iraqi Jurisprudential Assembly.

Promoting Moderation and Combatting Extremist Ideology

At the outset of the meeting, Dr. Ahmed Wahab Majid Al-Banjwani, the branch's president, warmly welcomed the visiting delegation, wishing them a pleasant stay in the Kurdistan region.

Al-Banjwani emphasized the historical significance of establishing the International Union of Muslim Scholars and the responsibilities it carries in promoting moderation and combating extremist ideology. He highlighted the educational and pedagogical role played by the Union on a global scale.

He stressed that Muslims have significant and challenging tasks in this stage, requiring wisdom and patience. He emphasized the necessity of communication and cooperation among all religious institutions in the Islamic world.

Al-Banjwani further expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Iraqi Jurisprudential Assembly for their continuous coordination and communication with scholars, wishing them success.

Combatting Extremist Ideology and Eradicating Its Roots

Sheikh Shamil Aladdin, the head of the delegation of Russian Federation religious leaders and the Mufti, expressed his utmost gratitude and appreciation to the Kurdistan region's branch of the International Union for their warm reception.

He underscored the crucial role played by religious scholars in the Islamic world, emphasizing the necessity of strengthening relations and communication with Islamic religious scholars in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Aladdin shed light on the role of muftis, imams, and preachers in the Russian Federation republics in promoting the moderation and tolerance of Islam. He affirmed the importance of combatting extremist ideology in all its forms and eradicating its roots, emphasizing the need for coordination among religious scholars and benefiting from their experiences and expertise.

The meeting was attended by several members of the Kurdistan Region branch of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, including Dr. Hussein Ghazi, Dr. Idris Karitani, Dr. Idris Kareem, and others.

Source: Al-Ittihad Newspaper.


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