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A scientific symposium discussing the role of scholars in safeguarding the nation's sanctities and promoting the constants of Islam

The International Association of Supporters of the Prophet, in collaboration with the World Union of Muslim Scholars, organized a scientific symposium titled "The Responsibility of Scholars in Safeguarding the Nation's Sanctities and the Constants of Islam."

Prominent scholars and sheikhs participated in this symposium, including Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, the Secretary-General of the Union; Sheikh Dr. Al-Sadiq Al-Ghariani, the Grand Mufti of Libya and a member of the Union; Dr. Mohammed Al-Sagheer, the President of the International Association of Supporters of the Prophet and a member of the Union's Board of Trustees; and Sheikh Dr. Abdulhay Youssef, a member of the Association and the Union's Board of Trustees, alongside a group of other scholars and preachers.

At the conclusion of this symposium, the Association honored the esteemed Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Ghariani by presenting him with the "Sheikh of the Ansar" medal, in recognition of his efforts in supporting and championing the cause of the Prophet ﷺ and defending the issues of the Ummah. The medal was awarded to him by Sheikh Abu Al-Khair Shukri, a member of the Board of Trustees of the International Association of Supporters of the Prophet ﷺ.



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