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Press Statement 

International Union of Muslim Scholars calls its First English Language International Press Conference Since our inception, the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has stood as a bulwark against terrorism and extremism. We stand for the establishment of freedom, justice and equality around the world.

The accusations against IUMS are baseless and utterly false. Trying to undermine the Religious Leadership of an organisation that represents 90 000 Muslim Theologians and hundreds of millions of ordinary Muslims, for the sake of a political agenda, is disingenuous at best. 

These spurious charges have been made by a handful of individuals and are little more than libellous claims borne of squalid politics.

We have consistently led the Islamic theological discussions against extremism and for peaceful coexistence. Our Theologians provide guidance for the countless scholars and laity who work with young people around the world today. We have called our first English Language International Press Conference to highlight our work in these areas.

The IUMS reserves the right to pursue all legal avenues to protect its reputation and global standing.

Professor Ali speech

The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) is an international union that gathers scho and theologians from all over the world. We are guided by the Quranic verse 

“(It is the practice of those) who preach the Messages of Allah, and fear Him, and fear none but Allah. And enough is Allah to call (men) to account.” 33:39

Hence, we at IUMS are not subjected by the desires of any ruler and we do not align ourselves with the agenda of any specific country.  We work for the betterment of all humanity, promoting equality, justice and peace in an increasingly troubled world. 

The IUMs developed from within the Muslim Ummah (Nation), having had enough of extremist ideologies trying to hijack and distort our peaceful religion. I can assure you we, the ummah have had enough with extremist groups. We have had enough with those individuals who see themselves higher and more righteous than others. We have had enough with the scholars who are run by the desires of their political rulers.  We have had enough!

The IUMS will continue to be guided by our Quranic verse … we will continue in identifying difficulties and problems of the Muslim nation, we will continue to provide solutions within a structure where our diverse scholars and theologians have the leading role for peaceful co-existence with all of humanity.  Finally, we thank all Muslims and non-Muslims for their support and we thank Allah almighty who has made it possible for IUMS to enjoy a global reputation based on integrity, honesty and trust.