IUMS: Jerusalem is a red line, and considering it a capital of the occupying state is a blatant attack on Muslims and a disregard for their sanctities, and a great support for the extremism

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Allah the Almighty said in his book: {the commandment of Allah will come to pass, so seek not you to hasten it. Glorified and exalted is He above all that they associate (with Him).}[Isra: 1].

While the calls of denunciation by the peoples and the Arab and Islamic countries, and the organizations and civil bodies to declare the United States of America to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state, the US administration continues to arrogance, insisting on a provocative action may push the region to hell, as a political adventure beyond the rights The Palestinian people, withdraw from the resolutions of the United Nations and international organizations, insult the religious feelings of the Arab and Muslim peoples, ignore the official rejection expressed by the Arab countries and deviate from the global consensus expressed by the major Powers.

The transfer of the Embassy of America to Jerusalem is a consecration of the brutal occupation of the Holy City and an intolerable step to impose a fait accompli outside the framework of international law.

 The American administration, which contributes in its uncalculated step, should re-read the history of the Palestinian people well, and its revolutions and uprisings, which never failed to meet the call of Jerusalem, the Aqsa Mosque, and all of Palestine. This resistance people for the liberation of their land for almost a hundred years, did not delay the delivery of convoys of martyrs after martyrs, and the latter's protection in the Aqsa Mosque far away.

And behind the people of Palestine, the Arab and Islamic peoples, Jerusalem is the cause of every Arab and Muslim, the issue of the whole nation, will not allow to compromise, even if they have to bring great sacrifices.

The Arab identity of Jerusalem and its Palestinian identity, in which Muslims represent the vast majority, are not subject to change or tampering. The Arab and Muslim world will not accept these procedures. The Christians of Palestine and Jerusalem also reject this procedure, which wants to change the character and nature of Jerusalem.
At this difficult time, the IUMS addresses the following messages:

First: To the President and the American people:
The Union warns the US administration represented by its president from the adventure of the decision to be presented, the clear bias and unlimited support of the Israeli occupation, and the march of the extremist agendas, which will push the Palestinian people and the Arab and Muslim peoples to defend their holy city with all they can. Those who do not realize the expected reaction to this decision are risking the interests and future of their country in this part of the world.

Second: To the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries:
Jerusalem and Palestine, the Secretariat of the Prophets in your necks, and you will not be able to save Jerusalem and liberate the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories without meeting your word and strengthening your nations and pleasing your God. You must reject this American decision in all its forms, and take procedures that express your Arabism, Islam and the pulse of your people, and any failure to do this duty; it challenged your draft and your role in defending the issues of the nation.

Third: To the Arab and Muslim peoples:
Only the faith of your youth, the armies of your country, and your acceptance of God Almighty will liberate the wounded Jerusalem and wounded Palestine.

In the event that this decision is issued by the American administration, every Arab and Muslim individual must reject this decision and work to bring it down with all legitimate images. At the heart of these are the people of Palestine and the people of Jerusalem.

We call upon the peoples of our living nation to interact positively and wisely and to exert effective pressure on the decision-makers in our Arab and Islamic countries to take the necessary steps towards Jerusalem and Palestine.
We also call upon the nation's scholars and preachers to enlighten the nation on the danger of this decision and to organize protest events from today and in the coming days as a victory for Jerusalem in the framework of a Palestinian Arab Islamic popular charity in the face of this American aggression on the first two kisses, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ.

                                               And Allah Almighty is behind the intention, and He is the guide to the right way

Mr.Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                                           Mr. Dr. Ali MuhiuddinQaraDagi
     IUMS President                                                                                           General Secretary of IUMS