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General Secretary’s word Prof. Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Qara Daghi

General Secretary’s word
 Prof. Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Qara Daghi
 Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace to the Messenger of Allah; Mohamed, and on his family and companions and followed his guidance on the debt....

 Dr. /

The virtue Prof. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi; the President of the Union, the Owners of virtue and tolerance, my brothers and sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you, the most beautiful welcome, and I greet all good blessing from Allah Almighty, so peace of 

Allah be upon you and His mercy and blessings be upon you.


 We cannot when we are in the shadows of this beautiful country, the Republic of Turkey, and in this generous country, that  the tongue cannot show its beauty and grace, heaven be to Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, mercy and forgiveness be to him, and followed him from Al-Othman, and impressed in its leading civilization and the glory of its leaders, and impressed in what its contemporary leaders achieved of this wonderful aimed renaissance, that is committed to values and stand with the right whatever prices are expensive, so after the Praise to Allah  we should thank and praise the great Turkish people , the president-elect, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the outgoing president Professor Abdullah Gul, and the Turkish government that created the appropriate conditions for the holding of this conference and the great services provided by them to the IUMS, may Allah bless them.


 Thanks and prayers for your, where get fatigue of travel, and you take a lot in order to contribute to this conference, Allah Almighty is capable of Praise heaven and Radwan, Allah said:(and they do not spend the expense of small or great, nor walks the hill, Allah will wrote them to give them best of what they were working) and said before (God does not waste the reward to good people).


 I thank Jameel               and eye tears are a scale 


My tears made                               the feelings


For the first time                              the taste


My eyelid taste                            the tears of joy


Ladies and gentlemen, It is no hidden to you the reference conditions of our Islamic nation, which is facing a wide range of internal challenges of dispersions and tear and underdevelopment, poverty and famine, in addition to external challenges which are in the projects of the Zionist crusader idolatry and greed Eastern and Western economic and political, and dominate our will and our wealth and our resources.


 We all have seen the case of the weakness of the nation and most of the rulers in Gaza cause, where some rulers conspired with the Zionists, and stand with them against their brothers, the mujahideen heroes of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all resistance factions, and they did what makes them shame when facing Allah Almighty, then in front of history which is ruthless, in while some countries such as Turkey, Qatar and some countries in Latin America and honorable stand with Gaza, and in this ordeal severe was Grant Allah shown in heroic jihad and creative steadfastness of these Mujahideen heroes and our people in Gaza in particular, and the whole of Palestine in general, so that Zionists plan failed in front of resilience, creativity and surprises which is the dignities of the guardians of Allah, and if  surat Al-Ahzab was revealed in them, if you read verses from verse 8 to verse 27 as if you are living in this atmosphere, where it talk about the stability of the faithful and they are few in front of the Jewish and Arab tribes (and when the believers saw the Ahzab they said this what Allah and His Messenger have promised, and the truth is from Allah and His Messenger, and it give them more faith and recognizing). It also spoke about the hypocrites (A range of them said, O people of Yathrib you don’t have maqam here so return back) then the result (Allah return who disbelieve, they did not get good), maybe the big difference is that the Ahzab did not use destructive weapons while the Zionists have used all their advanced weapons. 


The weakness of the nation and its leaders appear in the tragedy of the Syrian people, which is rightly considered a twenty-first century tragedy, and the tragedy of the Iraqi people in terms of displacement and exclusion for Sunna, and we hope a new era under the government of al-Abadi, as well as the tragedy of legitimacy in Egypt, and executions, arrests, and the tragedy of our brothers in Myanmar, and the Central African who threaten genocide, as well as our brothers in Kashmir, Somalia, Eritrea, Bangladesh and others, wherever you move you find tragedies of Muslims, and we see the blood that is being shed like rivers, and we belong to Allah and to Him is our return.


 But undoubtedly the most serious challenge is the internal challenge, especially challenging to disperse that hit this nation, where the enemies of Islam succeed in ending the Othmani Khilafa ,that was a symbol of the unity of the nation through conspiracies to differentiate on the basis of nationalities where they hit the largest components of this nation with each other, the Arabs and Turks at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in the beginning of the twenty-first century history will repeat itself, but with the change of the tools and mechanisms which hit the Shia and Sunnis and vice versa to broke them both, and the enemies of Islam will be the only winners, and more than that the most dangerous is hitting Sunni Islam under the banner of Islam itself, from hardcore and prodigals, as we've seen in some Arab and Islamic countries. What these extremists are doing in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Tunisia has distorted the image of Islam, and led to Hit the real Islam, and stop it from doing its civilized performance. 


This new method in the fight against Islam and Muslims,  carries three essential meanings: first, that the non-religious project has failed thus it has no life to resist Islam, and therefore we must resort to who carries the slogan of Islam itself,  secondly: this is an evidence of the power of Islam and its acceptance among muslims, and the third thing: this deception is not new, it was used by clueless in the era of Khalifa Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, wherethey did not fight him on behalf of Lat and Uzza, but they fight him on behalf of the liar prophets (but they are folk Tayrants).


 In front of these challenges, the role of guardians comes: Scholars and princes, so that if they reconciliate the nation reconciliate, and if they mangle the nation mess up.


 We are talking here about the role of scholars that the Prophet show (peace be upon him) when he said :( scholars are heirs of the prophets). These heirs are not specific to knowledge, but is inclusive to everything the prophet have done and left, peace be upon him, except the revelation of advocacy and communication, and in the statement of the legitimate government in the reform and renewal and change, and to maintain the purity of the divine message, and the purity of revelation and the approach of moderation, and to prevent excessiveness and extremism and deviation, and in easing the people and raise critical; because they serve as prophets, also the Prophet stressed peace be upon him by saying: { my Ummah’s scholars is like prophets of Israel} they are really like the heartbeat that connects the pure blood to the entire body, from head which is intended in the body of the nation princes, politicians, opinion leaders and thought as well as the rest of the hull of the members of the nation, and so scholars were rabbis reformers throughout the history of Islam. 


 Brothers and Sisters, this is the hope of the IUMS since its founding in 2004 by a group of scholars headed by the scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.


 During the past ten years the Union work great in various fields, in the early years the General Secretary, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Salim Al-Awa God save him did the efforts of the stages of framing, and then delivered to the Secretariat, which was launched thanks to God by his president, Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi the Board of Trustees and its committees, God bless them, and the report will include these achievements that come in the forefront united and dawa care foundation, until thousands become Muslim by the  hand of the Union Du’at, and two kings the Masai kings and others , including the care of conciliation and reform, which has succeeded in Kyrgyzstan, Dagestan and others, including Care entrenchment approach centrist through its conferences in Russia and elsewhere, including the care of education such as the University Union, including the expansion of the courses and the opening of branches in a number of countries in the Islamic world, including the installation of peaceful coexistence and social peace between Muslims and others, and in particular Bdau Muslim minorities to the policy of establishing institutions and positive integration, and also to give citizenship rights. 


The Union is not just data, but an entity works effectively with all his efforts for the benefit of the nation, but for the benefit of all humanity, because we are all partners in this land, Allah Almighty said: {and the earth is putted for people}. 


I would like to place on record that must be performed, that the IUMS is not against anyone of the Muslims, not the rulers and the ruled, but he loves them the goods and pray for them, but if their prayers are surely  answered they  allocated it to politicians, opinion and thought, but it is against the enemies of religion , against the plans and projects that are harmful to the nation and torn, against injustice and tyranny, against tyranny and arrogance and aggression, however they demand for insight wisdom and good counsel, and adopt the discussion is better with non-Muslims, what if it is with Muslims.


Allah have took a promise from the scholars to indicate right, whatever the price, not subject to the Sultan Passions and princes, nor to the Sultan of the general public, Allah said that they should listen only to Him {But be related to ALlah}, and enjoined them the certificate and do a straight with God and the angels, saying {God saw that it is no god but He, and the angels and the knowledge ones stands for justice} and impose on them to notify the right and the messages of God without fear of one, the  Allah Almighty said: {and who report the messages of Allah and fear Him and does not fear  anyone except Allah}, as among the most important duties is to achieve cooperation between people and make every effort to achieve the unity of the Islamic nation, which is the duty of the legitimacy and the need for realistic and mentality and self-interest, and renounce disunity, and differences, Allah and His Messenger called the separation Kufr, Allah says {Oh who believe! obey a team of those who were given the book they will turn you after your faith unbelievers} and prophet peace be upon him said in good bye Hijja{do not dimensionally converted infidels, some of you hits some necks}; therefore we call to implicate the Golden Rule {Let us cooperate in what we have agreed upon, and forgive in what we disagree with}. 



This Fourth General Assembly will discuss and evaluate the work of the Union during these years, and choose its president, and his deputies, and the Board of Trustees, and the General Secretary, as it is held by a margin of Assembly, a major conference on the role of scholars in the advancement of the nation and the role of scholars in the liberation of Al-Quds and Palestine, all through the establishment of workshops that have been made to set up a good effort, since more than six months, where it arranged axes and questions; to facilitate things to the audience, and these themes are as follows: 


The first axis: the role of scholars in the formation of moderate renewed thinking.


 The second axis: the role of scholars in preserving the Islamic identity.


 The third axis: the role of scholars in the media and social networking. 


The fourth axis: the role of scholars in mediation and conflict resolution Magistrate, and support the unity and cooperation among Muslims.


 The fifth axis: The role of scholars in controlling the fatwa and the rationalization of the Islamic discourse.


The Sixth Axis: Forensic Education in the Islamic world, and the reality and terminology. Friday was devoted to the themes of Al-Quds and Palestine in all its details. 


The Union will achieve these axes, God willing, in the following years, facing internal strife that have divided the nation, and terrorism and militancy, as it will focuson the concepts of civilization and the Renaissance, and guiding the nation towards science and progress; thus the nation will become the witnesses of civilization, and the best nation out of people in all areas of life. 


In conclusion, I reiterate my thanks for all of those who attended, the gentlemen scholars who attended from all over the Islamic world, and the media cameras that are the anonymous soldiers, and policemen, and the Organizing Committee, and all those who contributed to the success of this conference.


 My thanks to the State of Qatar, prince, government and people, that provided us the Union’s Headquarters, and its positions towards the issues of the Islamic nation. Thank you for your attention. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings.






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