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The start of General Assembly of the IUMS... And the Palestine and Gaza cause being is most prominent in the speeches Launched

The start of General Assembly of the IUMS... And the Palestine and Gaza cause being is most prominent in the speeches Launched


The Assembly of the IUMS in its 4th version has started, under the title "The role ofscholars in the advancement of the nation", headed by scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the presence of more than 600 scholar from various countries around the world, led by the General Secretary of the Union, Dr. Ali al-Qura Dagi in the Turkish city of Istanbul. 

The opening session that was presented by Dr. Essam al-Bashir, they discuss Palestine and Gaza cause, as a prominent issue through the words that were said.


Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi said a speech at the opening session of the Association, by saluting the Turkish President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who won the election in a democratic and fair.


Al-Qaradawi stressed that the International Union’s project in development and growth, since the number of scholars belonging to the Union and its branches in various countries around the world has doubled.


Al-Qaradawi also said that the doors of the Union legislator for scholars from different sects, except those who hired their knowledge to serve the sultans, and who accept to justify to the occupier and tyrannical the bloodshed.


 He considered that one of the greatest things the union did, is their position toward the five Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, Syria and Lebya, Tunisia and Yemen, and embracing it, since the Union puts in its basic principles: to be with the oppressed peoples, not with the rulers, and to be with freedom, not with tyranny, and with social justice, with no factional grievances.


Al-Qaradawi stressed on two main issues recommended by the Union, which is the need to involve women in various spheres of life and the opening of the mosque in front of women in states that adopt the Hanafi school, in order to let women elevate their culture and religion to create informed and mature generations. The second issue is the calling to Allah, since the whole world is a place for Preaching, and only required honest men and women for this call until it reaches the last corners of the earth.


 The General Secretary of the Uniion, Dr. Ali Al-Qura Daghi stressed that the Union adopts the approach of moderation, which is the approach of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, since scholars are the heirs of the prophets.


 He stressed that the role of the Union is not just issuing statements, but is an entity that works effectively for the benefit of all humanity, and stands by the fair issues wherever found.


Al-Qura Daghi praised the legendary steadfastness of the Gaza Strip in the latest aggression by the extremist Netanyahu government and commended the featured performer for the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas and other resistance factions in the steadfastness and defends the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people till the end. The General Secretary of the Union thanks the State of Qatar, Turkey and some Latin American countries that have taken a decisive stand against the Israeli entity and its war on Gaza, unlike many of the Arab countries that remained silent.


For his part, the member of the Trustees Board of the IUMS, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi said that the Muslim rulers should quickly do some reforms in agreement with the opinion makers, noting that the continuation of things this way inevitably will lead to a revolution for reform even if the cost is high.


Ghannouchi considered in his speech that the United Nations system and declarations of human rights ideas are good, but the desire of the major countries to dominate these institutions emptied of its content for standing against the oppressed.


 In turn, the head of the Turkish Religious Affairs Muhammad Qurmaz said that that the Muslim world suffers from dispersion, and this case did not show to the nation in the weakness and backwardness behind civil. 


He noted in his speech in the opening that there are scholars heading the ancient religious institutions and gave loyalty to the Sultan; in their actions they ignite sedition and do not realize that the nation is in a bidg loss.


Qurmaz considered that the threat to Islam became mostly by Muslims, because the killing of Muslims each other did not happen in history, as is happening now in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq ... and thinks that who uses brutal blow tombs of the prophets and the righteous and abandons Christians can’t be accepted in any way in Islam, and scholars are the first ones who should oppose them.

And Qurmaz demands the nation by its scholars and its peoples to unite for the cause of Palestine.


Turkish Vice President Amer Allah Eichler stressed that his country Turkey hopes that stability prevail all over the world and it will not stand by minority peoples against the ruling dictatorship. He pointed out that seeing many countries silent in front of what is happening in the world of the tragedies is unfortunate. 


In another context, the Eichler appeal to the Muslim world to take a firm stand against Israel, because it threatens world peace, stressing the need to continue the cease-fire in Gaza and the lifting of the siege on the people.

He said: "We cannot justify the silence of the world in front of Israel's massacres in the month of Ramadan against children, women and elderly in Gaza."


And the opening included speech of farewell Dr. Hafsa Lena, the director of programs at the University of Oslo, and a representative of the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, and the head of the Muslim Judicial Council in South Africa Ihsan Hendrix, and Vice President of the International Union Dr. Ahmed Raïssouni.


The session included a special tribute to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his deputy Amer Allah Eichler, who received the shield on his behalf, in addition to honoring the head of Turkey's religious affairs Mohammad Qurmaz. 

Before the opening session; a meeting of the Board of Trustees, headed by Qaradawi.






General Secretary’s word Prof. Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Qara Daghi
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