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A Message from Dr. Ali A- Salabi to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis.

On the occasion of your visit to the United Arab Emirates, I call upon you to open an international civilizational dialogue to listen to what the Holy Quran is saying about Jesus and his purified virgin mother, Maryam.

- in Surat Al-Imran in the Holy Quran

- In Surat Maryam in the Holy Quran

- In Surat Al-Ma'ida in the Holy Quran

I call upon you to listen to Quran's talk about the holy family of Jesus peace be upon him, his blessed message and his pure biography.

The complete truth which has not been subjected to increase, decrease or any kind of distortion about Jesus peace be upon him was in the talk of the Holy Quran.

I call upon Pope Francis, Pope of the Vatican, to research in-depth to save the anguished humanity through the guidance of heaven, which came in the book of almighty God. Which presented an integrated and consistent vision with mind, logic and human conscience about the realities of existence and the relation of:

  • Almighty Allah, The Creator
  • Universe & Life
  • Roots of Humanity
  • Heaven & Hell
  • Fate & Destiny
  • God's superior creatures such as angels and demons and other facts.
  • The prophets and messengers from Adam until Muhammad peace be upon them, their morals and message.


All of this is in the Book of Almighty Allah. falsehood cannot come at him from before him or from behind him.

I also hope that Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif will adopt this speech and choose from free scholars of Al-Azhar to participate in this global cultural dialogue to achieve global peace, and we wait such gesture from Al-Azhar:

- Al-Azhar of Civilization.

- Al-Azhar of History.

- Al-Azhar of Culture.

- Al-Azhar of Humanity.


I also hope that doors of this dialogue shall be opened to scholars who are in prisons unjustly and falsely such as Dr. Salman Al-Awda, Dr. Salah Sultan and many others.

The triumph of noble human values ​​and great principles of freedom such as equality, tolerance, human rights and justice are the goal of the sincere people of this planet.


Dr. Ali Mohamed Mohamed Al-Slabi

Written in

1 Jumada Al-Akhirah 1440 Hijri

6 February 2019



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