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Qaradaghi and Dadou Discuss Launching Mechanisms for the 'Al-Qaradawi Encyclopedia' to Strengthen its Role in Guiding Muslims Worldwide

Sheikh Ali Al-Qaradaghi Receives Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hassan Dedew and Delegation to Discuss Launching the 'Al-Qaradawi Encyclopedia' and Preserving the Legacy of Sheikh Al-Qaradawi's Thought to Guide Muslims Worldwide.

In Doha, Qatar, the Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Al-Qaradaghi received on Monday Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hassan Dedew, President of the Scholars' Formation Center in Mauritania, and his accompanying delegation to discuss the launch ceremony of the 'Al-Qaradawi Encyclopedia' and ways to preserve the legacy and thought of Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, a prominent scholar and founder of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (may Allah have mercy on him). The meeting also covered topics related to the encyclopedia's dissemination and expansion of interest in its content to guide Muslims worldwide.

The meeting lasted over an hour and touched on many ideas and proposals to enhance the encyclopedia's inclusiveness and diversity, as well as the challenges facing the Islamic world today.

The Qaradawi Office, in collaboration with Sheikh Al-Qaradawi's students and supporters, seeks to preserve and disseminate his cultural and religious legacy for future generations.

Source: IUMS



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