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Secretary-General Discusses Islamic University Developments and Importance of Islamic Banks with Grand Mufti

The Secretary-General received the Grand Mufti, Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Islam, and his accompanying delegation at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha. The meeting discussed the activities and developments of the Islamic University of Khan Bazar Chittagong in Bangladesh.

The meeting discussed the university's new curriculum, including the writing of a new interpretation in four volumes, which will be part of the curriculum for students of Islamic studies colleges. The Grand Mufti emphasized the importance of developing and updating the university's curriculum to meet the needs of Muslim students and society in the modern era.

In another context, the importance of Islamic banks and their role in financing projects and investments to achieve sustainable economic development was discussed. The Grand Mufti requested the Secretary-General's support in establishing an Islamic bank to contribute to the economic and financial activities and enhance the economic capabilities of Muslims, given his expertise in Islamic banks and financial institutions.



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