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Alqaradaghi , "The Union does not bear the consequences of Sheikh Dr. Raissouni's statements" (interview).

Question: Will the union bear the consequences of the statements of Sheikh Dr. Raissouni, who is the president of the union?

 Answer: Of course not.


First: To be honest, Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Raisouni did not say: This is the opinion of the International Union of Muslim Scholars


Second: The union has its constitution, which states that interviews and articles for the president or the secretary general do not represent the union, but are only entrusted to the one who said it, as we explained in the clarification issued yesterday.


Therefore, the International Union of Muslim Scholars cannot bear television interviews and press articles issued by the President or Secretary-General.

Sheikh Raissouni’s opinion on the interview that took place with him or in other opinions, especially about the desert after he became president or before the presidency, is his personal opinion, and he has the right to express it with respect and appreciation for him and others, but it is not the Union’s opinion.

The International Union is an international organization for Muslim scholars with thousands of members shared by 92 countries and dozens of associations. It is not linked to any politics and does not represent the orientations of any country whatsoever.

The IUMS has its own constitution, and independent personality.


Question: What is the official position of the Union on Algeria and Mauritania?

Answer : The official union system emphasizes respect for the sovereignty and independence of Arab and Islamic countries, and it is always with collecting and unifying the word, rejecting and prohibiting fighting between brothers.


The history of the Union, since its founding, has been proud of Algeria and its people and its honorable history of liberation, and even boasts of its position on the Palestinian cause, and has issued statements in this field.

He is also proud of Mauritania and its scholars, and calls for the preservation of its sovereignty and independence.

Question: Is there a last word?


Answer:  Yes, the Union does not accept any offense against dear Algeria, the good Mauritania, or any country other than the occupying and colonial state.


Union and its scholars are the heirs of the prophets, and its mission is to follow their guidance in reconciliation and reform, and to unite and ward off sedition, and to serve the nation and advance it with the permission of God Almighty.






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