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The General Assembly of IUMS holds an extraordinary Online meeting to vote on the articles of the amended Basic Law of the Federation.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars held an extraordinary meeting yesterday to vote on amendments to the Basic Law of 2022. 29 articles were voted, and 5 new articles were added, and the total number of articles increased to 56.

During this meeting, all new and amended articles with a percentage ranging from 95-98% were approved, and the most important thing that was amended is Article (5) of the Union’s goals, where one of its goals is to protect the family - with all its components, especially women and youth, and to enhance the role of women in building and developing societies, as well as Attention to the major issues of the nation, especially Al-Aqsa and Palestine. Article (17) of the honorary membership and the supporting member was also added, whereby the president and the general secretary, in a joint decision, had the right to grant honorary membership to the personalities supporting the union.
Additionally, the most important thing that has been amended is Article 21 requiring the General Assembly to meet periodically every five years.

 It is worth noting that this meeting is the first of its kind since the establishment of the Federation, where the meeting was held online using Zoom technology, and everyone expressed their satisfaction with the method and manner in which the meeting was held, as well as praising the good use of technology for this purpose, as everyone expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts they made. The committee that amended the articles of the law, as well as thanks and gratitude to everyone who made this meeting a success.



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