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Denounced arbitrary arrest, detention, the secret trials and Unjust imprisonment of Muslim clerics

The International Union of Muslims Scholars categorically denounced and rejected its characterisation of terrorism by some countries, but it is the one who debunked the terrorism that came out of the cloak of some countries. The Union warns that the hostility towards its members and imprisonment of Muslim clerics for telling the truth is a harbinger of shame and punitive. In this regard, the Muslim world, therefore, appealed to its faithful leaders and clerics, thinkers/intellectuals, to intervene given securing the release of all the prisoners of conscience, such as Sheikh Salman Al-Awda, Dr.Musa. Al-Sharif, Dr.Nasser Al-Omar and others.


The International Union of Muslim Scholars has received with high anxiety and agony the initiation of the secret trial of prisoners of conscience, advice and supplication, of the Divine scholars, thinkers and reformers and so on. Such as Sheikh Salman Al-Awda, Dr Musa al-Sharif, Dr.Nasser Al-Omar, Dr Safar Hawaali, Dr Awad Qarni, Dr.Khaled al Ajami, Dr Ali al-Omari, Dr Ali Badhaddah, Sheikh Saleh al-Taleb, Sheikh Dr Abdul-Aziz Al-Fawzan, and others.

These divine Muslim scholars did anything neither revolt against the state, by threaten and undermining the national of the nation. Their only crime was to direct the most honest and sincere advice without a smidgeon of hypocrisy or favouritism to the government and the leadership of that country, this government and the entirety of its leadership. Instead of being appreciative for receiving such a generous and honest advice they reward these clerics and slap them with hefty forfeit of imprisonment and castigation in a country founded by the terms of reference and the unitary doctrine of Islam.

There is no doubt that this religion based on the truth and patience, and on the other hand’s good advice and guidance of wisdom. Even the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) asserted this when he said “Religion is advice (he said it three times) we said, “For Who?” He said “for God and his book, and his messenger the feasting of Muslims and their public” a true famous hadeeth. Every human being, even he is a leader of Muslims, he should be advised and equally can encourage others as well. Therefore, we in the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which includes tens of thousands of scientists from all over the world and dozens of societies and institutions of the community, express our opinion and affirm the following

First, we categorically denounced and rejected the accusation of terrorism in the strongest against the Union and its respected members. This categorical rejection by the Union constituted the choice of clerics, which builds the moderate middle path. Which strongly against terrorism of its all kind and form whereby exposing terrorist groups created and funded by some of these countries who labelled this excellent Union terrorist group, while some were adopting the methods of great violence against innocent human race through the Takfiri groups around the world. The Union retain its right to defend is a name, its integrity and above all the of its members and their integrity by all legal and lawful means available. It is worth mentioning that the Union had specific information pertinent to some Saudi scholars when they wanted to join the union, they excused by one of the ministries of the royal court under the reign of King Abdullah may God have mercy on him. Second. The Union calls upon the Islamic world, led by the faithful and the Divine scholars, and its civil institutions to intervene given securing the release of all the prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia and another part of the world. Since they have been in imprisoned for a long time without trial, and now they are secretly tried on false charges. Third. The union denounces the secret trials, and the bad jails terms that led to the death of some prisoners, this is a condemnable and legally unacceptable act.

Fourthly. The union warns against the dangers of anti-religious scholars and their imprisonment because they told the truth by wisdom and proper preaching methods. Alternatively, they called for the mutual understanding and reconciliation between siblings, or they cried to panic what they saw as legitimate irregularities in the countries of the two Holy Mosques, or they warned about the dire consequences of the evil of sin.

The legal texts in the book and the Sunnah indicate that this act, condemned against the scholars' right, it is a sign of shame and punishment from Allah Almighty. “Consider not that Allah is unaware of that which the Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers, etc.) do, but He gives them respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror (Quran Surat Ibrahim verse 42).

We ask Allaah the Almighty to fix by improving the condition of the country and its people, and on the other hand, protect them from the wrath of God and his punishment amen.


Dr Ali al-Qaradawi Prof. Yousef Al-Qaradawi AND

Secretary-General President- A. Dr. Ali Al-Qaraghi

























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