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Qara Daghi congratulates the Islamic nation on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr:

My appeal to the distinguished scholars; especially the members of the IUMS, is to come down to the scene and to make a great advocacy move against this distress, which has afflicted our nation.


The role of the scholars is a reform role and not to ignite sedition

To the leaders of the Arabs and the leaders of the Gulf in particular: You are the nucleus of this nation if you reconcile the whole nation has resolved, there is a responsibility on you media: Be a good word and do not be owners of a mean word

Oh all the Muslim sects, I appeal to you God and the inevitable fate of us and the dangerous future for us to unite and leave the chances of self for the benefit of the nation


His Eminence Dr. Ali Qara Daghi; Secretary-General of the IUMS, congratulates the Islamic nation on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, wishing the most beautiful congratulations and purer blessings and sincere supplication that restores this occasion on the nation's good, unity, pride and dignity, and that Allah Almighty pushes these temptations and these calamities away from the Muslim world and extinguish its fire and to make this nation as desired by Allah the best nation brought out to the people, and to make this nation in all its components and leaders and scholars and thinkers and media and the people to be holding fast to the rope of Allah so that Allah Almighty adjusts you to the good in Dunya (land)and Akhirah (Hereafter).

His virtues have addressed several messages to the Islamic Ummah in all its components, specter, rulers, leaders, scholars, thinkers, media, and the general public:

To scholars

The first of these letters to those who are the salt of the country, to those who are the heirs of the prophets ,to those who Allah Almighty mention their testimony with his testimony and with the testimony of the angels, to those who are favored by Allah Almighty with knowledge, and Allah Almighty preferred because of this knowledge our master Adam on the angels, to these inheritors I direct my letters, you are responsible in front of Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty took from you a Charter to be trustees and trustees of this nation, and to protect the people and call them, and to show the truth and not to be afraid except from Allah, He said: ( to those who inform the letters of Allah, and fear Him and fear no one but Allah; and Allah is All-Sufficient in taking account.) I direct to you this invitation to preserve this Covenant and you are capable to do that, and I implore God that you protect this nation and do an call to Allah with wisdom and good advice and discussion that is better, and to go down to young people through your speeches and your articles and your books but go to the youth places In the cafes and markets and to public places, and we may not be satisfied with the Friday sermons, what Friday sermon only a fraction of the call, we must have a role in moving this arena, and we also have to reform, reconciliation and reform, the role of scholars is the role of reform not to ignite , If you cannot say the truth, there is nothing less than silence. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Whoever believes in Allah and the day of resurrection let him say well or be silent." Again I call upon the distinguished scholars, especially the members of the IUMS, to get down to the arena and to do their part and to make a great advocacy movement in front of this ordeal that hit our nation.

To the rulers

His Eminence directs his second letter to the parents and the leaders of the Islamic world, saying fear of God in us, fear God in your religion, fear God in your nation and in the future, what we see today that the nation has been hit by a great evil and your people at high risk, that the Zionist-American project, as well as stray projects that stray that started to work in the area where the Islam has no project, so you the leaders are responsible for adopting this pure project of God Almighty, where scholars meet with the leaders of the nation to develop a strategic plan to save this nation. You must reconcile with your people and your people should love you because the choice of Meh are those who love them, their people and their nation and pray for them, and the most evil imams who hates their people, thus my call that you will be the nation's choice how much it hurts today that some rulers have carried banners and carried as well as the projects that do not benefit the nation, but harm the nation under any designation of nomenclature.

Arab leaders and Gulf leaders in particular

Then His virtue send the third letter to Arab leaders and the leaders of the Gulf in particular: you are the core of this nation if you become right the whole Ummah is fixed you are the nation's responsibility, verily among you do not listen to the enemies of Islam solve your problems among yourselves, discuss and reconciliation, and through the scholars and the wise and faithful of this nation and most of them, I implore Allah, you are responsible before Allah Almighty, Allah asks a great question What did you do in your people and what you did in your nation and what you have achieved sit faith in Allah strong, and unity and loyalty to Allah and His Messenger and the believers and disavowal of the enemies of Islam and serious projects .. May Allah helps you to What is good.

To the media

The fourth message addressed to the media, and their role in serving the Ummah or harming the nation, but unfortunately today the nation is dispersed and torn through the misleading media and the magic of Pharaoh, although when Pharaoh's sorcerers knew the truth they returned to Him, while some of these media today continue to mislead them to divide the nation and tear it up with lies and slander. Allah says: "Those who love to propagate immorality in those who believe them have a painful punishment in this world and in the Hereafter, Allah knows and you don’t”. Allah warns you a great torment, far Allah you journalists in the Muslim brothers everywhere, be the owners of a good word and do not be the owners of the word malicious, and God bless you.

To the Islamic nation with all its components

This is when his eminence directs his recent letter to the Islamic nation with all its components and their parties and their communities, scholars and scientists saying you are in front of a great ordeal don’t you see yourselves what happened in Iraq and In Syria, in Yemen, in Libya, in the Rohingya, in Bangladesh, in the whole of our Islamic nation, and in the most important issues of the Ummah: the question of Palestine and Jerusalem, and the other issues of unemployment, poverty and famine. I hereby appeal to you to unite and to seize control of your unity and success. Your wrath and patience, Allah is with those who are patient. Any dispute between you leads to failure. Then wondered his virtue Do you like to be a failed nation?

While Allah Almighty glorifies you in the good nation, He says: "You were the best nation that was directed to people, who enjoined good and forbade evil, and believed in Allah." I appeal to you, O nation of Muhammad, young Muslims, Muslim scholars, Muslim thinkers, Muslim parties, Muslim groups, all Muslim sects. I appeal to you. And our destiny and the dangerous future for us to unite and leave the chances of self-interest for the benefit of the nation and do not affect and do not favor your personal interests or partisan interests of the nation.

May Allah bless us and bless you

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah



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