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Qaradawi calls on Muslims to unite in order to defend "Aleppo" the Syrian:


The President of IUMS, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, calls the Muslims to "defend the Syrian city of #Aleppo, and support it against the onslaught," which has been exposed to for nearly three weeks.

The call of the Sheikh Qaradawi came in a statement to Anatolia, during his stay in the Turkish city of Istanbul, to participate in the work of the 26th session of the European Council for Fatwa and Research.

Since the announcement of the Syrian regime the end of the truce on September 19, after a fragile cease-fire that did not hold for more than 7 days, Chen troops and fighter Russian jets, a continuous violent air campaign on the neighborhoods of Aleppo under the control of the opposition, caused the deaths and injury of hundreds of civilians, including women and children.

Qaradawi stressed the need of “all Muslims to stand as one man to defend the city of Aleppo," and unite for supporting it.

"It is not permissible for a nation that is dispersed, and in front of a country (city) like Aleppo to eat her flesh here and there (…) We hope to find a renaissance in exchange for such a large onslaught of savage this forbearing city, and unite the nation and know that the fate of the Muslim one."

He said that "the issue of Aleppo and what happened to it and still planned, a big issue, done by the enemies of Islam from each hand, Christians and communists and inventors."

Sheikh Qaradawi stressed that "Muslims around the world do not like bloodshed and fighting wars or not hostile to anyone except those who attack them."

On 9 September, Washington and Moscow have reached an agreement for a ceasefire in Syria, based on stopping for 48 hours as a try, but the agreement has ended when a convoy of UN aid to aerial bombardment in 19 of the same month.

Russia and America at that time, argument about the accusations of responsibility for the bombing of the convoy, reported sources in the opposition of Anatolia, said the shelling also targeted a Red Crescent Syrian in the town of the " Orme Al-Qubra" on the countryside west of Aleppo, during the unloading of the trucks, carrying humanitarian aid.

And neighborhoods east of Aleppo suffer, under the control of opposition fighters, ground siege by the Syrian regime and its militia forces air support Rossi, amid a severe shortage of food and medical equipment; what threatens the lives of about 300 thousand civilians living there.




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