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Ghannouchi: History cannot move back

In an interview to the television TRT Arabia, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, a member of the Board of Trustees in IUMS of the Arab Spring .... said that "The revolution should not be viewed as a line that must stand on, it is a path can move up or down, and I'm convinced that the Arab spring has put the entire region into a new era, and it cannot go back, so we ended the era of the sole leader, and one party, and the wooden media, and election of the 99%."

At the level of the Syrian revolution, the political Tunisian believed that the will of the people will win in the end despite all the losses and sacrifices .He explained that "the Syrian people are generous in origin, and must have the right to live under a democratic system gives them freedom and dignity away from autocracy and family and community."

Ghannouchi expressed the sorrow for the Syrian people under the jaws of the bloody regime, and the organization of Daash (ISIS) the terrorist, "These parties are working to eliminate the moderate opposition symbiotically surprising and strange indeed. Unfortunately, the situation is further complicated due to regional and international agendas that have made Syria an arena of war and conflict by proxy. "

On the Egyptian level, Ghannouchi believes that Egypt is the heart of the Arab world, and that "the weakness of the heart without doubt affects the rest of the body, and his power is the power and well-being for all."

He expressed deep regret over the disruption experienced by Egypt, was caused by the sharp conflict and disharmony and incompatibility, pointing out that the Tunisian experience and other "taught us that exclusion cannot bring well to our countries, and cannot succeed as a project."

He said that the solution lies in accepting all the parties to each other, and access to the conviction that the exclusion of any major party cannot succeed, it will open the door to more disruption and instability, "he added," I cannot imagine Egypt without a liberal stream, or without stream the Muslim Brotherhood, or without the Copts and the army, because the non-acceptance of this reality means that we will longer the age of the crisis. "

He believes that the solution in Egypt will be only through a national discussion between all parties, adding that "we cannot rely only on one side; the solution must include all the basic parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood."

Tunisia...compatibility is the key to freedom

With regard to Tunisia's internal affairs, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, said that "political consensus between the major powers in the country, from the moderate Islamists and secular moderates, is what makes the exception and save the democratic transition from collapse and falling in the path of chaos and coups."



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