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Raissouni: The separation of "Renaissance" between advocacy and political is a successful step


Date: June 14, 2016

Sheikh Ahmad Raissouni- Vice President of IUMS – said that the separation in the Tunisian Renaissance Movement between the litigation and political is a successful step, although there was a delay in it.


Al-Faqih and the Makassedi scholar said in a statement to the weekly renewal newspaper that the success of this experiment will depend on how it is discharged and achievable and directed, "If the litigation become follower and servant of the policy of the political party, that would mean the disappearance of the litigation part, because the policy is usually sweeping the litigation work and other work like culture and science," Raissouni explains.


 Former president of the Unification Movement, reform and stressed that policy, although a branch of the litigation, they remain "predator creature," which cited the experience of the Renaissance Movement and abandoning work advocacy and educational long ago, and the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2011, so Raissouni says "there must be an insurance and protection and other reform works. "


Raissouni said that the appellants in Renaissance step toward the separation between advocacy and political are two teams: Salafis team that sees this step is bowing to international and domestic pressure, leaving the Islamic identity, and the team of leftist the currents and atheism modernity who sees the move just to deceive and political tactic.


Raissouni concluded his statement role in the step “a move for the correction and rehabilitation and protection of the work of advocacy and educational" condition of undergoing the movement in any way.


The Tunisian Renaissance Movement had decided at its 10th conference in 19-21 May 2016 embarking on an organizational separation between advocacy work and political action where the movement turned into a political party and mandated advocacy and education to civic associations.



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