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The Union Delegation Visits South Africa, Meets with the President, and Participates in the Mission of Gratitude and Appreciation to South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa - South Africa witnessed a visit from the delegation of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, led by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zayat, representing the Union in the "Gratitude and Appreciation" mission. This mission, in collaboration with other global Islamic organizations, aimed to acknowledge South Africa's significant role in supporting the Palestinian cause at the International Court of Justice.

Opening Session

In the opening session of the international conference held in Johannesburg, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zayat delivered a speech on behalf of the President of the Union, Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, expressing the Union's gratitude and appreciation to South Africa, its people, and its ruling party for their crucial intervention at the International Court of Justice in support of Palestine against Israeli occupation. The session included three speeches, one by the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, and speeches from representatives of the churches.

Religious Activities and Conferences

The Union delegation participated in Friday prayers and delivered sermons in key mosques across South Africa, focusing on the religious duty to support Palestinians and prevent Israeli harm. Several meetings were held with the Muslim community, most notably with Senator Ibrahim Rasool.

Meetings with Leadership

On the same evening, a meeting with Muslim leaders in Johannesburg took place, attended by Sheikh Mufti Abdul Khaliq Ali and Sheikh Ibrahim Jibril, a member of the Union's Board of Trustees. A special meeting was also held with the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs for an hour and a half.

Activities in Cape Town

On Sunday, the delegation moved to Cape Town, where they participated in several meetings with the community, NGOs, mosques, and various institutions. A conference was held to discuss the position on the Palestinian cause and future steps, involving experts from Palestinian, community, and official organizations in South Africa.

Meeting with the President

On Monday, a special meeting with the President of South Africa was held, followed by a press conference with the President and a meeting with the leadership of the ruling party in South Africa. Media interviews were also conducted on television and radio to express appreciation for the intervention at the International Court of Justice and to explore further steps to support Palestinians and prevent punitive actions against the Salvation Army.

Meeting with Business Leaders

The delegation concluded its visit with a meeting with business leaders in South Africa to discuss their role in development and supporting the Palestinian cause.

This visit reflects the close cooperation between the International Union of Muslim Scholars and South Africa in supporting the Palestinian cause and enhancing Islamic and international solidarity to achieve justice for the Palestinian people.


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