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Doha: The Turkish Ambassador invites a group of scholars from the International Union of Muslim Scholars to a breakfast table.

The Turkish Embassy in Qatar organized a reception for a number of members of the International Union of Muslim Scholars on Sunday, March 31, 2024, in an initiative aimed at strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and understanding between the two parties. 

This invitation was within the framework of a Ramadan breakfast table held by the Turkish Embassy in Qatar, attended by a group of scholars and members of the Union, including His Eminence Sheikh Ali Mohyiddin Al-Qaradaghi, the head of the Union. During this event, the importance of enhancing closeness and cooperation between the Union and the Islamic countries was emphasized, with reference to the vital role scholars play in establishing peace and promoting positive communication across cultures.

 His Excellency Ambassador Kökso particularly emphasized the strong relations linking Turkey with Qatar and the Islamic nation as a whole, stressing his country's commitment to supporting Islamic causes and promoting cultural dialogue. For his part, His Eminence Sheikh Al-Qaradaghi expressed his gratitude for this generous invitation, highlighting the importance of the month of Ramadan as an opportunity to renew discussion and deep dialogue among scholars and Islamic communities to face current challenges, including the situation in Gaza and other urgent issues facing the nation. 

The meeting added a new dimension to discussions about education and community development, and opened the field to discuss issues of justice and peace in the Islamic nation. This breakfast comes as part of the Turkish Embassy's ongoing efforts to promote dialogue and effective communication between different cultures and to emphasize the active role Turkey plays in supporting cooperation and Islamic solidarity at both regional and international levels.









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