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A march in Paris condemning racism and demanding a halt to aggression and genocide in Gaza.

The French capital Paris witnessed a march condemning racism and fascism, with participants showing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Despite the rain, anti-racism demonstrators and supporters of Palestine marched on Saturday in Paris.

Participants demanded an end to racism and fascism against foreigners and citizens of immigrant origin in the country.

The demonstrators also expressed their support for the Gaza Strip, where Israeli attacks continue, and called for an immediate ceasefire in the region.

Protesters chanted "This is not a war, it's a genocide," and carried Palestinian and South African flags.

Protester Clémentine Martins said, "I am here every Saturday to condemn the ongoing genocide in Palestine, especially in Gaza."

Martins described the situation in Gaza as a "disaster," noting that French President Emmanuel Macron "has so far taken no real action on this issue other than condemning it in words."

Martins pointed out that children in Gaza are losing their lives and suffering from a lack of food and medicine.

She added, "Hospitals are being bombed and besieged, we cannot remain silent and inactive."

Meanwhile, protester Sarah, who preferred not to reveal her last name, said that demonstrating is the only way available to them to support the Palestinian people.

She added, "We see that the government is not taking effective measures."

Sarah emphasized the necessity of always stopping the gunfire in Gaza but noted the difficulty of this due to the policies of Western countries.

She called on France and the United States not to supply weapons to Israel and pointed to the use of hunger as a weapon in Gaza, affirming that this contravenes human rights.

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