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A Malaysian university is hosting a lecture series on "The Jurisprudence of Balance" aimed at enhancing Islamic legal awareness and knowledge.

In an effort to boost Islamic legal awareness and knowledge, Selangor University (UNISEL), a private university located in Selangor, Malaysia, is hosting a valuable lecture series titled "The Jurisprudence of Balance," presented by Sheikh Ahmad Fawaz Fadil Noor.

Derived from the book by Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi, the series consists of 10 monthly lectures aimed at enriching dialogue and deepening jurisprudential understanding among attendees.

Sheikh Ahmad Fawaz, known for his interpretation and understanding of jurisprudential texts, will lead these lectures and interactive sessions open for constructive discussions among participants.

These lectures are expected to enhance the jurisprudential awareness of attendees and solidify the foundations of understanding and mutual respect within the community.

Scheduled to take place on Thursdays at the beginning of each month at 10:00 AM, the lectures offer a unique opportunity for university faculty and staff to gain new and deeper insights into the jurisprudence of balance, a crucial topic addressing the foundations of justice and equilibrium in Islamic law.

The lectures, held at UNISEL, invite professors and staff to participate in this educational and spiritual event.

This series is part of the university's ongoing efforts to provide high-quality cultural and religious content that meets the academic community's needs and works towards building bridges of knowledge and understanding.

"The Jurisprudence of Balance" book by Dr. Al-Qaradaghi, published by Dar Al-Nidaa in 2018, is among his most prominent works focusing on the intellectual aspect. This distinction is due to his vast interest in his specialized field of Islamic finance and economics, covering precise scientific specialization and various issues, including those concerning the nation, rather than directly engaging in intellectual conflicts within the Islamic circle or with external factors. Despite including references to heritage, from Imam Al-Ghazali and Al-Shaarani to Sayyid Qutb and Imam Said Nursi, and even "The Balance between Sunnah and Innovation" by Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Daraz, Sheikh Al-Qaradaghi's book stands out for its new methodology in writing and analysis and its comprehensive coverage of issues based on solid scientific foundations like the science of interpretation and the principles of jurisprudence.

The book is divided into three sections comprising seven chapters, with the second and third sections focusing on practical aspects to help readers adopt the jurisprudence of balance as an approach in dealing with divine revelation texts, going beyond a mere book with an introduction and conclusion.



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