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Indonesia. Arrest of a preacher on charges of religious blasphemy, incitement to hatred, and allowing men and women to pray together.

Indonesian authorities detained a Muslim preacher on Wednesday on charges that include religious blasphemy and incitement to hatred, in a context where his religious school faces criticism for allowing women to participate in preaching and performing prayers alongside men.

Al-Zaytoun Islamic School, located in West Java province, has sparked controversy within conservative groups accusing it of adopting an approach that contradicts their interpretation of the Quran.

National Police Spokesman, Ahmad Ramadan, told local media that the school's principal, Bangi Gumilang (77 years old), was arrested today after being interrogated. He added that he would be held for 20 days in criminal investigation facilities to complete the investigation.

Bangi Gumilang faces penalties of up to 5 years in prison for religious blasphemy, 6 years for incitement to hatred, in addition to 10 years for spreading false information and deliberately disturbing public order, according to the charges against him.

The school angered conservative circles after a video was published on social media in April showing women praying in the same room with men.

Another practice within the school was also criticized, which is allowing women to deliver sermons during Friday prayers.

The school, which was established in 1999 and has about 5,000 students, is also facing accusations of involvement with Dar al-Islam, a political movement that sought to impose an Islamic state by force in Indonesia during the fifties and sixties.

Thousands of people expressed their resentment of the school in multiple demonstrations, demanding its closure.


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