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 Statement by Muslim Scholars' Unions and Organizations on the Hostile Statements of the French Minister of Interior

The organizations and institutions of Muslim scholars endorsing this statement closely followed the hostile statements issued by the French Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin, last Friday (20-05-2023). In these statements, he claimed that "Sunni Islamic terrorism" poses the greatest threat to France. What is particularly alarming is the expansion of his incitement and animosity, as he attempted to coerce other Western countries into adopting his misguided perspective. He even chose to deliver these deplorable remarks during his visit to the United States, under the guise of security coordination.

This provocative rhetoric is not unfamiliar coming from the French Minister of Interior or the current government officials. It reflects a tone that embraces the methodology of collectively stigmatizing identities, contradicting the principles upheld by all divine laws and applicable regulations. It deliberately engages in unjust generalizations and deliberately maligns the religion of Islam, in a futile attempt to suppress the growing social and cultural influence of Islam in France and other Western nations.

However, what is particularly concerning about these recent statements is the deliberate targeting of Sunni Muslims with distortion and defamation. Sunni Muslims represent the vast majority of the Muslim community, who have shaped the history of Islam and contributed to its civilization. They encompass the majority of Muslims, embodying the profound human and historical essence of the Islamic faith.

Through these provocative and offensive statements, the French Minister of Interior reflects a biased mentality, a narrow political perspective, and a deep-seated desire to assert French cultural authenticity and racial purity. His remarks, which associate Islam and the Muslim population with terrorism, reveal a deliberate strategy of marginalization. This approach contradicts the principles upheld by divine laws and just regulations. The minister deliberately generalizes unjust judgments and insults the religion of Islam in a futile attempt to stifle the growing social and cultural presence of Islam in France and other Western countries.

The minister's intention to isolate Muslims from the rest of French society and apply double standards in their treatment serves to erect psychological barriers that impede human interaction and hinder genuine understanding of Islam. It obstructs the dissemination of its teachings, hindering its light from reaching the hearts of people in an atmosphere of coexistence, tranquility, and constructive dialogue. From the outset, the minister has displayed this approach of marginalization and double standards. In 2020, when he assumed his position, he visited the largest synagogues in Paris, declaring that "an attack on Jews in France is an attack on the Republic." However, he has consistently failed to treat Muslims justly, instead demonstrating hostility towards them. In 2021, he spearheaded the controversial "Islamic separatism law," which unjustly accuses French Muslims of fostering separatism and imposes restrictions on their freedom of expression, worship, education, and attire. This law infringes upon their human rights and seeks to confine them within the margins of French and European society.

The statement is endorsed by the following Muslim scholars and their organizations:

They vehemently reject the French Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin, for his inflammatory remarks that associate terrorism with Islam, as well as with the Sunni Muslim community as a whole.
They call upon the French political elite to relinquish their cultural dominance when engaging with Muslims and to uphold respect for the religion of Islam, its beliefs, values, and other faiths on an equal footing.
They affirm that the Islamic presence in France is lawful, legitimate, and an integral part of the country's fundamental fabric, regardless of the provocateurs who fuel religious and civilizational conflicts.
They urge French and Western Muslims to actively participate in political activities, raise their voices, enhance their visibility in the public sphere, and seek legal recourse to counter biased stances and provocative statements.
They urge Muslims worldwide to stand resolutely against French marginalization, confronting French campaigns of defamation and slander through peaceful and legal means.
Finally, we remind Minister Gérald Darmanin and other leaders of the far-right that such provocative statements will only exacerbate divisions and inflict harm upon the entire French society, including the Muslim community in France and the two billion Muslims worldwide. These statements will yield negative repercussions across political, economic, and social realms. May Allah guide us all on the path of righteousness.
Endorsed by:Signatories:
1. The International Union of Muslim Scholars
2. The International Organization to Support the Prophet of Islam ﷺ 
3. Libyan Fatwa Association
4. Union of Islamic Scholars and Schools, Turkey 
5. Council of Preachers in Lebanon
6. Dar Al-Quran wal Hadith, America
7. Scholars Forum
8. Palestinian Scholars Association 
 9. Sunni Scholars Association 
 10. Complex of The Righteous Caliphs 
11. The Association of Imams and Preachers of Senegal
12. Mauritanian institution of scholars 
13. Iraqi Muslim Scholars Association 
14. Lebanon Muslim Scholars Association 
15. Lebanon Endowment for Preaching Islam and Preachers 
16. Muslim Scholars Association 
17. Iraqi Imams, Preachers and Callers to Islam Association 
 18. International Jurists Association of the Nation
19. Association of Palestinian Scholars 
20. Islamic Syrian Council
21. Syrian Scholars Association 
22. One Nation Association 
23. Association of Moroccan Scholars
24. Association of Malaysian Scholars 
25. Association of Yemeni Scholars 
26. Association of Libyan Scholars 
27. Association of Eritrean Scholars
28. The Shura Council of Malaysian Islamic Party Scholars 
29. Senegal Servants group of the Merciful
30. Jama'at 'Ibad Ar-Rahman in Senegal





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