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During his visit to the Kurdistan region, Al-Qaradawi presides over a scientific lecture on "The Authority of Knowledge, Scholars, and Their Status."

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradawi, the esteemed Secretary-General of the Union, paid a visit to the Union's branch in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the morning of Saturday, May 13th. This visit was part of his extensive itinerary in the region, spanning several days.

Dr. Ahmed Wahab Benjouini, a member of the Board of Trustees and President of the Union's branch, warmly welcomed His Eminence during the reception. The event was attended by a substantial number of Union members in the region, reflecting the significance of the occasion.

During his visit, the Secretary-General delivered a scholarly lecture on "The Authority of Knowledge, Scholars, and Their Status." The discourse centered around the vital role of scholars as an autonomous authority within society. He emphasized that Islam has bestowed upon them a leadership position and considerable responsibility in both the Islamic community and broader human existence. This encompassed intellectual, political, and social spheres.

Sheikh Al-Qaradawi underscored the substantial contribution of scholars and leaders in fostering comprehensive reform and combatting corruption. He concluded his remarks by urging all scholars to diligently strive for behavioral and scientific reform while rejecting extremism and divisions.

The distinguished speaker emphasized the paramount importance of communication and collaboration among various Islamic ideological schools in the region. He highlighted the perennial role of scholars as a source of benevolence in the service of Islam and Muslims. Furthermore, he stressed the need to intensify efforts and cooperation among religious institutions worldwide to effectively counteract extremism and terrorism.

The lecture received a remarkable turnout, attracting scholars, members, and individuals passionate about Islamic affairs. This event was organized as part of the Union's branch's endeavors to enhance awareness and education in religious and cultural matters within the Kurdistan Region.

Dr. Ali Al-Qaradawi's visit to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq served a twofold purpose. Firstly, he delivered several lectures aimed at enlightening audiences on pertinent topics. Secondly, he monitored the progress and activities of academic, charitable, and scientific institutions that he had established in the region. These include the Union's branch, the Humanitarian League, the University of Human Development, and the Iqra Foundation for Quran Memorization.

Source: Al-Ittihad (Union)



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