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"Normalization is a disgrace".. Mauritania denies any intention to restore relations with the Zionist entity

The spokesman for the Mauritanian government, Nafi Ould Ashruq, issued a statement denying the existence of any contacts or negotiations with the Zionist entity, aimed at restoring diplomatic relations that were severed by the country since 2010. This comes after Hebrew media outlets reported that Tel Aviv is negotiating with several Arab and Islamic countries, including Mauritania, to restore diplomatic relations. The spokesman for the Mauritanian government confirmed no interest in what is being circulated in the international media. These developments come amid intense political and diplomatic moves by the Zionist entity to restore relations with various African countries to achieve strategic, economic, and security gains. With its unwavering stance over five decades, Mauritania is known as a government and people for its continuous support for the Palestinian cause and solidarity campaigns with the Palestinian people. Whenever an Israeli aggression occurs, all segments of Mauritanians unite in all squares and streets to condemn the occupation's crimes and affirm their support and solidarity with the Palestinian people. The Palestinian cause remains one of the issues that bring together all Mauritanian parties, regardless of their intellectual, ethnic, and political differences. Thanks to this issue, all personal interests and political disputes between different parties dissolve. For decades, even school and university courtyards have not been free from the struggle activity related to the Palestinian cause. Hundreds of independent students and those affiliated with various student organizations and initiatives have worked to organize struggle stands and intellectual seminars in university courtyards and classrooms to support and advocate for the Palestinian people and reject normalization with the Zionist entity.



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