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In honor of the Union's Secretary-General of the Unoin's visit to Malaysia, Alfa's Chairman hosts a dinner

In honor of His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Qura Daghi's visit to Malaysia these days, Dato' Sri Qamar Bahrain, Chairman of Alpha Malaysia's Board of Directors, hosted a dinner.
His Eminence the Grand Mufti of Malaysia, the President of Malaysian Scholars, and several university professors and senior scholars attended the banquet.
During his official visit to Kuala Lumpur, Sheikh Qara Daghi will give two lectures at the Islamic University of Malaysia and some development institutions.

His Eminence will give two lectures, the first one is about "development and development institutions", as he has an integrated idea about these institutions, which in his view consists of 6 institutions, all of which are called the "Kafi" institution and consist of; (Qard Hasan, Zakat, Protection Fund, Investment Fund, the Company or the Bank of Maker Finans, and the Waqf Foundation), and in fact it has a very strange and strong correlational image to integrate among them to achieve comprehensive development.
In the second lecture, we will discuss "The purposes of Islamic Sharia in development", particularly issues related to endowment and its development role and zakat's development role.
Sheikh Ali Al-Qura Daghi will also hold meetings with senior Malaysian officials, including the King of Malaysia.


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