IUMS condemns the death penalties on scholars in Egypt.

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IUMS condemns the death penalties on scholars in Egypt. 

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon his Messenger, and upon his family, companions, and allies. (And after)

IUMS has watched with great concern and displeasure the death penalties; that have become almost normal from the Egyptian judiciary in the military coup, against those who demand for their freedom, and their right to respect their will, and the will of the people who gain a legitimacy that is devastated by the coup. These death penalties reached many scholars such as Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Burr, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Maksud, and Dr. Jamal Abdul Hadi; and other scholars, who no one deny their knowledge, patriotism, and their presence in the Egyptian revolution- 25 January revolution- where they did not leave the square; as everyone testify. This confirms that the coup targets the Egyptian people’s revolution, and the symbols of the revolution of scholars, people, and others who participate and defend it.

In front of these unfair judgments, IUMS sees and confirms the following:

1.IUMS registers their full objection and condemnation on those death penalties against Muslim scholars; where some of them are members in IUMS. And asserts on irony of the death penalties on scholars with funny charges, like cutting the road, where they are scholars and old people, in fact one of them uses a wheelchair to move. At the time where acquittal judgment penalties are released to those who killed and still killing liberal people, some of them killed Egyptians in deportations car.

2.IUMS warns from the continuation of the coup authority in the policy of arrest, and detailing the charges and judicial decisions, particularly in the right of scholars; who are known with their knowledge and advocacy, not only in Egypt, but in the whole world.

3.IUMS demands the free world; or what remains from it, to stand with Egyptian people, who demands for freedom and restoration of his will, which is usurped by the leaders and supporters of the current military coup in Egypt, and demands to address those arbitrary decisions and judgments, which is not related to Shariaa, law, and justice.

4.IUMS reminds those judges in Egypt with Allah Almighty, and they should achieve justice among the people, and not being misled by hatred or personal or world interest, or security coup instructions, that is not valid in the right of ancient Egyptian judiciary.

5.IUMS warns that the absence of justice doesn’t achieve any revival, but it evokes the wrath of Allah Almighty, because Allah Almighty doesn’t accept injustice ever.

Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said: < >. Prophet of Allah sincere peace be upon him. 

Date: 8 Shaaban 1435 H

7 June 2014