“Al-Qurra Dagi” strongly condemns the killing of Sunnis Preachers and Imams in Basra in Iraq

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"Al-Qurra Dagi” strongly condemns the killing of Sunnis Preachers and Imams in Basra in Iraq

Dr. Ali Al-Qurra Dagi – General Secretary in IUMS condemns in a statement on Sunday, January 4, 2015, the targeting of Sunni Imams and Preachers of Muslims in Basra and other cities at the hands of sectarian militias, describing the attack, which occurred a few days in cities of Basra and Abu Fertile and Zubayr in Iraq a barefaced, dangerous and non-national, having left behind dozens of martyrs, all of the people of the Quran from the Sunni Imams and Preachers.

AL-Qurra Dagi in his statement called all factions of Iraq to unite to confront all external projects that did not want the best for Iraq never, and cannot be addressed only the consolidation of national efforts and stay away from inciting sectarian strife and tribal strife that Iraq will only rupture and fragmentation and loss, calling on religious leaders to do their part in keeping the Iraqi self and doing the basic role of religious scholars in response to fascinate not be tolerated or silence them.

AL-Qurra Daghi also urged the Iraqi authorities to play their role in protecting all citizens equally and the Non-Aligned category to the category of expense, and to expedite the investigation to uncover the circumstances of this tragic incident and punish the perpetrators and all those who stand behind him.

Al-Qurra Dagi in his statement considered that what happened is a big loss for Iraq that are killing the elders evacuated knowledge to the people, in this hideous way, and he considered them martyrs of God Almighty.

It is worth noting that among the martyrs as a result of this heinous crime:

1. Sheikh Hassan Youssef - an Imam and Preacher of Al-Basra mosque.

2. Sheikh Nader Al-Rubaie - Imam and Preacher of Al-Ashra Al-Bashra Bil Janna mosque.

3.Sheikh Wafiq al-Hamdani - Imam and preacher of the Kawaz mosque.

4. Sheikh Khalid Al-Saadoun - Imam and preacher of Osama bin Zaid mosque.

5. Sheikh Abdul Samad Alhjul - Imam and preacher of theQuds Mosque.

6. Sheikh Abdul Salam Kredes - Imam and Preacher ofAl-Safar mosque.

7. Sheikh Khalil Shaheen - Imam and Preacher of Khor Al-Zubair mosque.

8. Sheikh Yassin Sayer Kubaisi - Imam and Preacher of Safwan mosque.

9. Sheikh Nasser Ktami – Imam and Preacher of Hartha mosque.

10. Sheikh Abdul Wahid Taha Al Shaheen – Abaiji mosque.

11. Khalil Jaber Al-Salem Al- Imam and Preacher of Khudhairi mosque.

12. Sheikh Amjad Taha Ramadan Ramadan- previouslyImam and Preacher of Amn Dakhili .

13. Sheikh Ammar Nader - Imam and Preacher Hasanayn.

14. Sheikh NasserAl-Assad- Auician / Abi Al-Khusaib.

15. Sheikh NatekYassin- Imam and Preacher of Alsebeleat / Abu Al-Khusaib, and member of the municipal council.

16. Sheikh Abdul Karim Mustafa - Imam and Preacher of Al-Taqwa mosque.

17. Haj Ali Hassan Ali - Imam and Preacher, and a member of the provincial council.

18. Sheikh Abdul Karim Al-Dosari - Imam and preacher of Ohaly mosque, and member of the Provincial Council.

19. Sheikh Yusuf Al-Rashed - Imam and Preacher of Zubair bin Awam.

20. Sheikh Ibrahim Shaker – Imam and Preacher of Al-Bassam mosque.

21. Sheikh Ahmed Musa - Imam and Preacher of the mosque, Osama bin Zaid.

God bless everyone, and we stress that we got only these names till the date of thestatement, and there are still other names.