The General Secretary of the IUMS strongly condemns the attack on the “Charlie Hebdo” newspaper in France

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The General Secretary of the IUMS strongly condemns the attack on the "Charlie Hebdo” newspaper in France

The General Secretary of the IUMS, Prof. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qarra Daghi condemned the blatant attack by masked gunmen on the ”Charlie Hebdo” French newspaper, leaving more than 12 dead and wounded from French journalists, painters, workers and policemen.

Al-Qarra Daghi in his statement mentioned that such a blatant attack does not lead to anything god for the nations and peoples, but increases the bottlenecks that make completely sedition reprehensible from all religions and divine law, and described the incident in unrighteousness and convicted by whoever is behind.

Al-Qurra Daghi in his remarks today Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, said that Allah Almighty had mentioned the unbelievers and the offenders in the Quran that will be recited to the day of Resurrection, and therefore we should dealt with any contrary opinion or though through discussions, not with weapons, murder. And whatever was done by the newspaper from showing her views cannot be faced with death and crime, Allah Almighty said to His Prophet Muhammad when he was attacked from infidels:” Then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists. Indeed, we are sufficient for you against the mockers.”

Al-Qurra Daghi demands the French authorities and the French people to unite in the face of extremism, whatever his religion or idea or direction, an should not be an excuse to bring affliction or separation between French citizens, Muslims and non-Muslims, since who is trying to make such crimes I seeking to make a separation that helps him to spread his activities that does not grow only in strife and conflict between humans environment, and that terrorism has no religion, and such crimes should be wise, politicians and intellectuals than convinced of the need treatment terrorist ideology by eliminating the causes and roots, hence the IUMS is ready to make every effort in order to remedy this problem experienced by the whole world, but the success of the eradication of military and terrorism needs to be everyone’s cooperation in their respective fields.

Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                                  Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qara Daghi

IUMS President                                                                                             General Secretary