General Secretary of the IUMS, directed a message to the West wise and thinkers to eliminate the couse of terrorism with a focus on culture and intelectual solution

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General Secretary of the IUMS, directed a message to the West wise and thinkers to eliminate the couse of terrorism with a focus on culture and intelectual solution

General Secretary of the IUMS, directed a message to the West wise and thinkers and leaders, calling the lack of reaction to the extremist crimes of assault on the shrine of our Messenger 

Mohammed through the publication of fees cartoons and such things, and warn2 of the consequences of going too far in the abuse and contempt of Islam under the pretext of values and 

freedom, calling for the elimination of the causes of terrorism, with a focus on intellectual and cultural solution and this is the text:


An open message from the General Secretary of the IUMS, to the west Wise and thinkers, and leaders and peoples.

After greeting and appreciation:


I would like to put before you the following points:


First: You are well aware that most of the Muslim Scholars represented in the IUMS, the united federations and associations, has strongly denounced and condemned the crime of attack on Charlie Hebdo newspaper, and other heinous attacks that occurred on innocent civilians anywhere, and on places of worship, no matter who did it a Muslim or not.

These sanctity of divine religions crimes, especially Islam which made killing the same one innocent as killing all people, Allah Almighty said: (who kill of a person without the same or corruption in the earth as if he has killed all the people if it is recited saved all mankind) {Al-Maidah: 32} but Islam is making a killing innocent self more to Allah Almighty than the demolition of the Kaaba, and legitimate texts has too many in this subject.


Second: The values of freedom is not particularly belong only to the West, but are instinct that Allah create people on, has sanctified by Islam, prevented touched even for religion, Allah Almighty said: (There is no compulsion in religion)} Al-Baqara: 256 {, and the Almighty said: (It is willing let him believe it is willing disbelieve)} Al-Kahf: 29 {, and practically the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him when he was managing the city, gave this freedom to all who live in it through document the city, which consists of about 50 items, 27 of them was allocated for full citizenship rights for those who live in the city of Jews and infidels, but the Quran made justifications for permission to fight the Arab polytheists: the prevention of injustice, and justice, and to provide freedom for all houses of worship, He says: (So for those who fight because they have wronged, and God power to the victory * driven from their homes unjustly only because they believe in God but not God's people pay each other for the silos were demolished, sale and prayers, mosques, stating the name of God a lot win God that God is strong Aziz)} Hajj: 39-40 {, so it is not legitimate, but it is not wise, that take the values of freedom and a way to attack this great Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that Allah sent a mercy to the worlds, and he knew the people freedom, then you see abuse it through fees and pens that is not acceptable for the ordinary man himself.


Third: A group of newspapers, the media, is doing a re-publication of the bad cartoons and movies about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the attack on Islam or Muslims, not of the mind and logic, nor wisdom, because we if we agree that these extremists (and they are few ) do not represent Islam and Muslims, and they are killing Muslims more than others, then how to respond to the disposal of these extremists behavior is not against them, but against the Messenger of Mercy to the worlds, and the Messenger believes in him about two billion people and they love so much, and they are ready to sacrifice themselves in the process. This is not fair and not fair nor common sense.

On the other hand, these reckless behaviors help extremists from several aspects, including:

(A) As if they were representing Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

(B) gives them credibility that the West or non-Muslims are against Islam and the Prophet, and against Muslims.

(C) It helps extremism and militancy, and increases the extreme tension, hatred and mistrust.

(D) It is blocking the efforts of moderate reformers, because the public does not believe them, but believe these terrorists who take advantage of the cartoons and movies depicting extreme ideas.


Fourth: The emergence of extremism and terrorism atonement and ideas are many reasons, but the two important things is no doubt that the Western governments have a role in it, they are:

The first reason: The dictatorship and tyranny, and the suppression of freedoms since colonial days and beyond, where dictatorship ruled most of the Islamic countries, however, stood with Western governments, ignoring the values they believe in, the values of freedom and democracy.

If there were in this country freedoms available to these extremist ideas discussed openly, and ends, or weaken, but it originated in prisons, where the first group, the extremist group Takfir wal Hijra appeared in Egyptian prisons.

On the other hand, the Arab peoples when it erupted in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, against tyranny and dictatorship, injustice, poverty, ignorance and backwardness, and sacrificed their souls for their freedom, these revolutions were aborted in full view of the world, and with the money of countries that is related to the west, and policies are consistent with the interests of Western governments, and the Islamic world was expecting the western world to make revolution, the world of democracy and the values of freedom, for these values and restore legitimacy, and stand with her, as he did with some of the countries that turned the military on the legitimacy of the non-Muslim world, since America and other countries forced it to restore the legitimate government .

We have seen that "al-Qaeda" emerged after the military spent in Algeria on the democratic experiment, which was won by the Islamic jabhat al inkath, I have no doubt that if the democracy experiment succeeded in the Muslim world, the Qaeda will have no place.

We have heard a lot from violent extremists attack on the moderate Islamists who believe in dialogue, freedom and access through the ballot box, that they have not achieved anything over seventy years.

The voice of extremists eased when the revolution succeeded in Tunisia, in Egypt, and Libya, but when the Arab Spring were thwarted "Al Qaeda" and "Daash" returned strongly to the fore.

For example, there were no thing named , "Daash", and "Al Qaeda" in Syria, even after the revolution, but when Bashar al-Assad went too far in the murder and the use of all prohibited weapons, including chemical gases and the silence of the West, it grew in power "Daash."

Iraq also was devoid of terrorists until it was occupied by America "Al-Qaeda" showed up, then weakened by the power of Sunni tribes until they drove it out of Anbar.

But in light of sectarian policies of the Maliky backed by America ,Daash emerged strongly and dominated the majority of the Sunni Arab areas of Mosul to Al-Anbar.

Therefore, the Western policies have negative role in the emergence of these extremist groups.

The second reason: the Palestinian issue, which is a just cause in all the laws and international laws and norms, they are occupying the case, however, the Israeli policies in the occupied territories are going against the laws and the laws of the establishment of settlements and racial barrier, and the attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the commission of crimes against humanity in Gaza.

All that passes the US veto, western silence, and no pressure on the Israeli government.

The World cannot be enjoying security and safety, Palestine and Al-Quds where tampering with the Zionist occupation by destroying the houses, and killing innocent people, and encroaching on the Islamic and Christian holy sites.


Fifth: It is obvious to all of you that the world today has become one village, one security, and prosperity of one, as well as vice versa.

So the wise of the west, east andthinkers and their leaders should consider a common thought for the benefit of everyone, but this is achieved by seeking by all means to achieve a comprehensive and full hydration of Justice of all the political, social and economic aspects.

But this is achieved through conferences, symposia and workshops between the thinkers of the West and Islamic thinkers to get to the code of conduct of peaceful coexistence.

Then lifted this Charter to the political leaders of the West and the East for the application of the most important requirements of peaceful coexistence.

Allah Almighty shows that the bounties of the earth for all mankind and that it may not be unique to people without other people or nation without other nation, the Almighty said (and the earth was put for people)} Rahman: 10 {.


Finally, experience has shown that the security and political solutions and plots will not work, the real solution is sincere conversations Pacific purposeful transparent then the application and implementation honestly and faithfully, and the importance of conversation impose Islam on Muslims best dialogue roads with others, Allah said (and argue with them is the best)} Nahl: 125 {, but the Qoran ask the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him that the dialogue with both looking for the truth no matter what religion in a beautiful way does not make the offending an innocent Allah Almighty said (and I or Beware of the guidance or in manifest error)} Sabaa: 24 {where the offending student should make conversation to get to the right that could be him, but the Quran insisted on the offending the conversation therefore He says (Do not ask what wrong and we did not ask what you do)} Sabaa: 25 {where he described himself as the probability of crime even relieves him to engage in the conversation .

We want a conversation without conditions or charges, but the conversation for coexistence right and justice for all.


In conclusion, I am writing this word that Allah addressed to everyone when He said (Come to a word) Surat Al-Imran - verse 64, which means this word to invite all people to have a spiritual and moral character to overcome the hatred and all that hurts the other, we invite you to whether we share a word constants of human nature and values Commissioner accredited to all religions.


(The only thing I want is to fix, and my compromise is from Allah who I trust and to Him I return)} Hood: 88 {.


Allah Almighty is the Helper


Written by the poor to Allah

Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Al- Qurra Daghi

Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars