Qara Daghi: Standing up with Aleppo is a due ... and not standing with them is a sin

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Sheikh Ali Qurah Dagi called Arabs and Muslims; the rulers and the people, to immediately intervene to support Aleppo that have been perished by the Asadi system and Russian aircraft where there was massacres against civilians and killed more than 80 martyrs, most of them women and children, had also targeted bombing the criminal field hospital and the martyrdom of a number of doctors and nurses, and Secretary General of the IUMS said in Tweet on his account on Twitter:

"Support of our brothers in Aleppo, and Syria in General is obligatory for all Arabs and Muslims and especially the rulers and decision makers ... and all those who are reluctant to support and capable to do it is a sinner!"

Dr. Qara Daghi called the Islamist states alliance to intervene immediately and to repel aggression on Syria and added: "We had a glimmer of hope for the Islamic alliance to defeat the aggression against our brothers in Syria

But if the alliance did not interfere in Aleppo now, when they will intervene?? !!

"Did this alliance were form to protect certain countries without protecting other ones?! If so, there will come a day when they will say: I used to be eaten when the white bull was eaten!!"

He concluded by praying for the people of Syria, Aleppo and prayed ALLAH Almighty to release their anguish and worry and prayed, saying:

Oh ALLAH, the enemy have gathered, and the friends are weaken, and the scourge increased, and we cannot do anything but pray

Accept our prayers, Oh ALLAH, OH ALLAH, have mercy on our weaknesses, and release Syria

Oh ALLAH, we ask You, in this blessed night, to relieve this nation from Bashar and his aides

I swear to You (ALLAH) the torrent has reached enough, and the hearts reached to the throats, we do not have nothing except You

Oh ALLAH, we ask you in the last third of the Friday night, to keep our children and our women and our elders and our youth in Aleppo, and destroy their enemies Oh Mighty Oh Strong