IUMS strongly condemns the killing of a Muslim family by an American citizen, North Carolina,

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IUMS strongly condemns the killing of a Muslim family by an American citizen, North Carolina,
And denounces the Western media ignore

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohamed, and upon his family and companions and allies (and after)

The IUMS received with great sadness and sorrow, the news of the killing of three members of a Muslim family: Dia Shadi Barakat (23 years), and his wife Yusr Mohammed Abu Salha (21 years), and her sister Razan Mohammed Abu Salha (19 years), in the state of North Carolina, USA, they are three young people in the prime of life, learning in Western universities, their colleagues and neighbors says that they have good conduct, and peaceful, and abide by the laws and customs prevailing. They are not terrorists and extremists, not suspects, benefiting from the community and they benefit it, providing food and drink for the homeless.

They were killed by an American citizen, only because they are Muslims, as the preliminary analysis of the accident, and according to what is published on the killer's social networking account.

The distinction between people because of their religion, in front of the law, or the institutions of society, the media, government and civil, is a sponsor to confirm Muslims feeling a policy of double standards, bushels undiminished for Muslims, and complete for others, a sense of feeds reclusion and isolation, extremism and terrorism.

Not facing these attacks by the necessary legal procedures, and media attention, and ignoring or underestimated them, and saying un true reasons, is a kind of temptation to the owners of these extremist ideas and behaviors of committing more crimes.

This is not the first crime committed against Muslims in Europe and America, since Charly Hebdo that were condemned by all Muslims in their institutions and symbols and scholars in the East and the West's, a lot of mosques has been attacked and Muslims physical and verbal attacks, and killed some of them, as well as attempts to disarm hijab for Muslim women in the West, and most recently assaulted a security man Swedish excessive force on a child under twelve years of age.

Although we mourn some governments for ignoring repeated incidents against Muslims, or tolerance somewhat with the perpetrators, and not consolation official bodies to them as full citizens or residents accommodations legitimacy, we were greeted and salute the positions of governments that stood next to the Muslims, and refused to abuse them, or the erosion of their rights, such as German Chancellor Merkel's position, and the statements of the French president, and the position of the Dutch authorities, and call to ratify practices of these statements.

The Union about this dangerous criminal incident confirms the following:

• The Union condemns this incident, the offender, and he considers it a terrorist incidents, and makes condolences to the families of the victims and their loved ones, and prays

Allah to give them mercy and forgiveness, and calls for official and media organizations to condemn the incident, according to human values.

• The Union condemns the official media blackout in the West deliberate about this tragic incident, and not taking it in the media as they take the issues carried out by Muslims, or suspected of it, which reflects the double standards and the deterioration of the values, principles and justice.

• The Union demands the United States the marginalization of the case, and the disclosure of the ongoing investigations in front of the world public opinion, and not to export fake reasons, as if the accident occurred about an old fight for the parking.

•The Union confirms that the films, drawings and writings cartoons that puts wrong picture for Muslims , is one of the main reasons for the phenomenon of Islamophobia, and the attack on the Muslims, and feed hatred and rejection, violence and counter-violence.

•The Union thanks the Internet and social networking sites activists who have had a major role in the dissemination of the case, and increase global awareness, and this is the role of the free world to uncover the truth and attempts to address opacity and trance.
Allah Almighty is behind the intent and He guide to the right path.


Doha on 23 Rabee Thani 1436 

Corresponding to February 12, 2015 


MR. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                                   Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qurra Daghi

IUMS President                                                                                     General Secretary