IUMS condemns the act of the state Organization in Sham by burning the captive Jordan pilot Moath Kasasbeh, and confirms that the actions of Daash offensive to Islam.

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IUMS condemns the act of the state Organization in Sham by burning the captive Jordan pilot Moath Kasasbeh, and confirms that the actions of Daash offensive to Islam.


Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah; Mohammed, and upon his family and companions and allies (and after)

IUMS had received with deep concern and sorrow, the news of what is called the Islamic State organization in Iraq and Sham - Daash - who burned to death the captive Jordan pilot Moath Kasasbeh, stressing to continue walking on the extreme and weird approach from the Islamic nation, and Islam is innocent from their crimes, they are reviving a church Sunnah that was in the Middle Ages against violators and evangelize Andalusians, all of this is convicted, and is forbidden in our religion.

The Union about this criminal atrocity, affirms the following:


1.The Union strongly condemns the killing of organizing Daash the captive Jordan pilot Moath Kasasbeh by burning him to death, and we describe this incident as a criminal act, and that goes against Islamic Sharaa, and Prophet's Sunnah, and the work of Muslims through the centuries, and it did not take into account the origins of Islam and rules diligence jurisprudential sound and other controls version fatwa, or Islamic ruling.


2.The Union emphasizes that this extremist organization, does not represent Islam at all, but its actions offend Islam always, confirming its involvement in plots extended from east and west that aims to abuse Islam and its people.


3. The Union points out that the burning of the pilot Moath Kasasbeh, not justified by being a warrior for them, since he has the prisoner rights according to Sharaa and the laws and customs, as well as ignoring the rules of diligence and jurisprudence, and the sayings of the Prophet (no one punish with fire except the Lord of Fire) and in another hadeeth (and that the fire no one punish with it, but Allah) and many of the conversations and opinions of the imams and scholars and hardworking through the ages, and the need to offer such things as the nation's scholars to be considered in the light of the modern age and the different positions and times for opinions may be issued in certain eras reasons certain controls or restrictions particular, to other rules of diligence and deduction according to the criteria of legitimacy.

4. Invites Islamic scholars to stand a serious stand in the face of this extreme and radical and deviant, and bring the truth to the people, and revealed that the intellectual and methodological anomalies, and to address such regulations that distort and undermine the Islamic religion and its image in front of the whole world.


5. The International Union offers solace to the Jordan people and his king and Kasasbeh tribe, and to the Islamic nation as a whole. And apologize to all people for insulting Islam.

Allah Almighty is behind the intent and He guide to the right path.

Doha on 15 Rabae Al-Thani 1436
Corresponding to February 4, 2015


Mr. Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi                                 Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin AL-Qurra Daghi

IUMS President                                                                  General Secretary