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Intensive meetings of the General Secretariat to present the executive plan to the Board of Trustees concerning the upcoming five-year plan.

The General Secretariat of the International  Union for Muslim Scholars held extended work and follow-up meetings on Saturday and Sunday, February 3-4, under the supervision and attendance of the Union's General Secretary, Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Sallabi.

The meetings were also attended by the esteemed assistant secretaries; Sheikh Dr. Fadl Morad, Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al-Hashimi, Sheikh Dr. Jamal Abdul Sattar, and Sheikh Dr. Wanees Al-Mabrouk.

The first day's meeting discussed the Union's projects for the "five-year plan," which covers the next five years, allocating these projects to committees and ensuring their alignment with the Union's general objectives.

One of the outcomes of the meeting was the directive to create a comprehensive guide for the five-year plan based on the strategies, priorities, recommendations, goals, and projects discussed in the last general assembly meeting, all to be incorporated into an executive plan over the next five years, God willing.

On the following day, Sunday, the General Secretariat reviewed the Union's administrative structure, examining the work prepared by legal experts and consultants in light of the internal regulations and the basic system, and all their relevant provisions.




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