Raissouni slams UAE’s involvement in the Yemen war

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Moroccan Islamist jurist Ahmed Raissouni, who also head the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), has lashed out at the United Arab Emirates (UAE), accusing the country of spreading «hatred» and being behind «wars and plots» around the world. 

Shaikh Raissouni, In an article published on IUMS website and relayed by the other agencies, slammed Abu Dahbi after it announced that it is had decided to withdrew troops from Yemen. 

According to him, the country has succeeded in attracting «sheikhs, intellectuals, journalists and celebrities due to its constant calls of peace and tolerance but without being able to stop the hatred, wars and conspiracies it is spreading throughout the world».

He then denounced the claim that the country is trying to get involved in the war in Libya, supporting «the prince of war and blood, Khalifa ben Haftar Al Nahyan».