The Statement on planned execution of three(3)Muslim Scholars

The Statement on planned execution of three(3)Muslim Scholars


The International Union of Muslim Scholars wishes to express and convey its increasing concern to the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Government of Egypt as well as the Government of the United Arab Emirates; especially after some media outlets have published the verdicts issued or will be officially issued shortly by the Saudi authority on the execution of three senior moderate Muslim scholars and thinkers name Dr Salman Al-Awda, Dr Awad Al-Qarni and Dr Ali Al-Omari.


The administration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to execute these distinguished moderate Muslim scholars and thinkers not because they have committed a crime/ crimes under Saudi law or international law; but because of their rational approaches to the teaching of Islam, which earned them positive influence globally. Also, their total devotion to their religion and service of the Muslim communities at home and abroad.  In the face of this harrowing situation, the International Union of Muslim Scholars considers and affirms the following:


First, the Union calls upon the whole world to work together to save the nation’ss scholars from execution. He is calling for the release of all prisoners of conscience, especially those eminent scholars who have contributed immensely to the service of Islam and moderate Islamic thought — educating and internalising young Muslims into sober Islamic belief, a shift, from radical Islamic thinking that Saudi State has been propagating for decades. It is no secret that the imprisonment of any oppressed (not to mention the captivity of the eminent world scholars) is a great injustice, a severe crime against his freedom of expression, humanity and sanctity and that he is a muezzin of God's punishment.  As the Almighty Allah said Think: if the sentence of God should come to you, by surprise or openly, would anyone but the evildoers be destroyed[1].


Second -the union warns of the most severe warning against the execution and killing of the divine scholars, especially those three who were mentioned in the media reports. This is God forbid if it happened it would be considered a serious crime worthy of earning the wrath of Allah Almighty. As Exalted said, “If anyone kills a believer deliberately, the punishment for him is Hell, and there he will remain: God is angry with him, and rejects him, and has prepared a tremendous torment for him”[2].


Third -the Union appeals to the whole world, especially the Muslim countries, presidents, scholars, intellectuals and the media outlet, to exert all their efforts and influence to prevent the execution of the death penalty against the oppressed Saudi national, especially the scholars. An endeavour to stop beheading of these oppressed people and their immediate release is an Islamic and humanitarian responsibility that rests with all.


Fourth -The Union calls upon all Muslim and non-Muslim scholars and their lovers, in particular, the members of the International Union of Muslim scholars to take peaceful, legal stands thereby engaging foreign the embassies in their capital. Such a friendly approach includes the United Nations Human Rights office and other influential institutions/ authorities to prevent the execution of Dr Salman Al-Awda, Dr Awad Al-Qarni and Dr Ali Al-Omari. 


Five-The Union finally calls upon the Saudi society of all its components, scholars, intellectuals to assume their responsibilities in preventing the execution of the reformed divine Scholars in the two Holy Mosques. Moreover, “God always prevails in His purpose, though most people do not realise it”[3].


Dr Ahmed Alreysoni-President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars

Professor Dr Ali al-Qardagua. Secretary-General


[1] Surat al-an-a’am verse-47.

[2] Surat An-Nissa verse 93.

[3] Surat Yusuf verse 21

: برچسب ها


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