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Qaradawi lectures on jurisprudence of reality in the Universal conference "For Shabab," in Istanbul


Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi narrated a lecture on "the jurisprudence of reality" in the seventh Universal conference by the For Shabab organization held in Istanbul under the title of “reality contemporary... How do we understand it and live it?"

In his lecture yesterday the President of the IUMS guide to the need to know the reality we are living in, we are not far away from it but in its center; where Islam impose us to know and understand our reality, and to offer the good for the world around us, pointing out that worship is all God want and loves from human and what helps the mankind, not just prayer and praise, and this is what Muhammad peace be upon him brought to us.

His eminence called on the youth to work; ALLAH Almighty created man "not asleep" and there is no fogey in Islam, when Muslims understand this, the Dunia become theirs.

He emphasized that we have to use our children to know how to take advantages of our homelands ... how to make our children work for our favor ... how to them in our side note to make others use them to kill us.

His eminence stressed that those who work for Islam must know how to work for the land of Islam... "Know your land ...implant your land ... Create your land."

 Book Fair

His Eminence Sheikh has visit the International Book Fair of Istanbul, where he saw his different annexes and read some titles, and bought some of them.

His eminence greeted and salutes his sons and disciples of the public of the Book Fair his Dear brothers from Turkey and from different nationalities.

It is noteworthy that For Shabab organization was founded in 2009, and began its work from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, to cover more than 17 countries.

The organization's work includes a number of ambitious projects, such as: future youth center for research and development, For Shabab Channel, and the award for the World Youth, For Shabab magazine, as well as the training and trips, conferences and awareness campaigns and various programs




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