PUBLIC STATEMENT - Australian Muslim Community National Summit

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The Australian Muslim Community National Summit (AMCNS) was held on 24 March 2019 in Sydney for the second consecutive year.

Over 150 prominent Muslim organisations and community leaders from across Australia came together to discuss important issues concerning the future of Australian Muslims.


The summit aims to serve as a collaborative platform to coordinate, enhance, and bring benefit to the Australian Muslim Community and its standing in, and contributions to Australia.


The delegates at the National Summit focused on addressing key challenges faced by Australian Muslims, whereby problem-solving and research-based frameworks were applied with the objectives of coordinating and promoting a wholesome Australian Muslim identity, enhancing media and political engagement for the Muslim community, strengthening public relations and advocating for the protection of civil rights of minority groups.


In an unparalleled show of support, the attendees discussed strategies which would allow the Australian Muslim community to better shape their future in a unified way. 


The coincidental occurrence of the recent terrorist attacks which took place in Christchurch, compelled the attendees to briefly discuss the tragedy and make collective Dua’a (supplication/prayers) for the victims and their families, and discuss issues of importance as well as lessons to be drawn from such an incident.


The National Summit is currently supported by over 150 mainstream Muslim organisations from all Australian States and Territories and is open to all mainstream and representative Muslim organisations.


The ultimate objective of the Summit is to unite Muslim organisations, leaders and the Muslim community in addressing key issues and challenges faced by Australian Muslims- especially matters concerning Islamophobia and the protection of the rights of Australian Muslims. 


The next National Summit will be held in 2020, Insha-Allah (God Willing).



On behalf of the Australian Muslim Community National Summit Delegates.


All Muslim organisations and community leaders are invited to attend and support this initiative. All nominations and expressions of interest to join the 2020 Summit should be directed to