IUMS Crying the Islamic and human conscience to act to resolve the refugee problem to Europe, and demand the Arab countries to give them shelter on its territory.

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In front of the painful scenes of migrants Syrians, some of them died at sea, and pushed the waters surge their bodies to the beaches, and in front of humiliation, and humiliation that correspond to survive in the border, barbed wire, carrying their children and elders and asking for help and crying without respondent (no respond to those who advocate), the General Secretary of IUMS Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi stated the following:

First: Allah Almighty made the believers one nation, and they must be like the one body "If member complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure a fever."

Therefore it is the duty of Islam requires that each individual (governor or governed) a sense of brotherhood and responsibility and not to rest his mind, he should not feel the taste of comfort as long as one of his brothers in the tragedy or humiliation or poverty or famine, the religious texts in the Quran and the Sunnah indicates that it is the duty that Allah Almighty will ask for in the Day of Resurrection and will punish who stay silent, and did not participate in doing what should be done in this world, temptation and calamities,{ And be cautious against a sedition that will not smite the harmdoers alone. Know that the punishment of Allah is Stern.} [Anfal: 25]

Therefore, we call upon the caretakers in the West and Islam, and the rich, and the media, scholars, their duty, each in his place, and by responsibility and abilities.

Second: Based on the foregoing, we the IUMS call upon the governments of the Islamic and in particular the Arab governments should hasten the gift of one to save the refugees; our brothers, and displaced persons, by carrying out the order of large camps occasion in Arab countries for those displaced and resettled them, while providing a decent life for them.

Oh Allah Oh Allah in all these spirits that go out from fear of death barrels in Syria, some of them die in the seas and others humiliate and insulted by an unspeakable darkness image.

I swear to Allah Almighty that He will ask us about the lives and dignity if we did not do our duty.

Third: We appeal to the human conscience in Europe to accept these refugees’ survivors from the horrors of the sea in an honorable way worthy of human dignity and rights as we hear them saying it as long as they are a measure for civilization.

And here we do not want to forget to thank all who stand with this just cause, and we appreciate their humanitarian desired.

Fourth: in front of tragedies and calamities and tribulations and their impact on hundreds of thousands of lives, and displaced half of the Syrian people for five years, is there is a remained hope of the system that does not care about his people.

Therefore we emphasize that the only solution is to eliminate this killer system as soon as the responsibility of all Islamic, Arab and international countries. {The wrongdoers will surely know which turn they will be returning to (Hell).} [ Al-Shuaraa-227 ].

Mr. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi

General Secretary