IUMS calls on Muslims in Europe and others to integrate positively and ask them to join actively the elections and give their votes to those who deserve it.

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IUMS calls on Muslims in Europe and others to integrate positively and ask them to join actively the elections and give their votes to those who deserve it.

And warn the Fanatics and extremists of dire consequences if the racial discrimination policies were taken, recalling that Nazism and racism involves Europe in two world wars in less than half a century, appealing to the wise to refute these voices.


IUMS is following the situation world in the belief that humanity is one, its peace is for all, and the war is on everyone, and that Allah created the earth for all, Allah Almighty said: (And the earth: He has put down for the creatures) (Al-Rahman / 10).

Proceeding from religious and moral responsibility, the Union directs this statement an announcement to all.


First: For Muslims who live in this country, they are given the following:


Praise be to God who has revealed his religion a mercy to the worlds, and make slaves nations and tribes to know each other, and cost them to build the earth collaborators in righteousness and piety. And after

Allah Almighty said: (O people, we created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes to know each other) (Al-Hujurat / 13), and the Almighty said: (He brought you forth from the earth and settle you therein) (HUD / 61) which is assigned to the Muslims wherever they are to seek in the people good, and to work hard in cooperation with the communities in which they live whatever their religions and races, they deal with gentle persuasion, and cooperate with them sincerely in the physical and human development efforts, and share with them side-by-side in the cultural building submitted by the religious and cultural their stock as the addition is better than moral values and reconstruction , Are committed to the laws and regulations in force Dan in which they live, conservatives on the charters and covenants that have entered the country and resided there and naturalized nationality.


The Muslims in the Western countries in general and in the European countries in particular have a significant presence, which places them with a heavy responsibility to be in this country messengers of good and peace, love and cooperation, and to exert their efforts to achieve the interests of their society, in pursuit of science and very work, Treatment, obedience to the laws, performance of duties, addition of their religion for good, and to be at all in the position of leadership in the tender, not the site of subordination and marginalization.


This responsibility for the Muslims in Europe is growing heavier considering that the actions of some of the attributers to Islam have caused from the great harm to the image of Islam and Muslims.  Since Some people think of negligence and some exploit these events to fall prey to Islam and Muslims to the charge of violence and terrorism. So they have to make a concerted effort to remove from this bad image and spread security and love, and strive to achieve the public interest.


It is the duty of the Muslims in this country to be engaged in the issues of society in which they live, to carry their concerns, to unite with all members of society in the face of the problems that arise there, and to share with them their burdens and to participate positively with them in solving them, the duties of citizenship, or as residents in the obligations imposed on them to fulfill the covenants and conventions. And to be the leader of the defense of the public interest, and if they have their own interests as Muslims they have to demand it in accordance with the scope of the laws, and to always support the issues of right and justice in the impartiality only to them in everything.


One of the most important issues in which Muslims must engage in political affairs is the wider approach to contribute to solving problems and serving the public interest. This is the effective platform for reforming the negative image of Islam and Muslims, with opportunities for words and deeds…


The elections for the selection of representatives of the people in the various political circles are the key to politics, which is the most prominent manifestation, so that the Muslims have an active participation in them, in which they seek the public interest, and win in them the strong and honest of the candidates, choosing from them the most efficient in his abilities, and the safe in his conscience and his morals. Plans and projects, do not take them in a part of nervous, or motivated by partisan, or hue of ethnic, but rather be a national interest.

The electoral entitlements in Europe are different in different types and levels. Let the Muslims have a well-known presence, run and run, and have ideas and pioneering plans in the interest of the community, to be addressed by people to convince them, or to support other candidates and programs and plans. The interests of the community, not in favor of this person or that, and to this plan or that only on this national basis, and to keep their ears on those calls that distract them from political participation, including electoral participation, they are calls that have no basis of the religion that calls for freedom The fittest wherever it exists, and to avoid damage and downgrade, and to give right testimony, and the political and electoral participation only achieved for ways to do so.


The Muslims in every place, and the Muslims in the European countries in particular should be represented by saying: (We also made you a just nation that you be witnesses over mankind) (Baqarah / 143) with all the meaning of the certificate of active presence, useful science, and honesty in saying Work, and strive to benefit people and bring goodness to them.


Second: For the ruling majority in Europe and its conscience we give them the following speech:


Our true religion is the religion of mercy and peaceful coexistence on the basis of justice and equality. ALLAH Almighty said, (We have not sent you but a mercy to the worlds) (Al-Anbiya 107). The Prophet's biography in his dealings with non-Muslims is based on righteousness, charity, justice and human dignity, and not a compulsion on religion (no compulsion in religion) (Al-Baqarah / 256).


Islam has emphasized a set of common principles indicate Bodh on human brotherhood and origin one, there is no preferred one on the other except by piety and good deeds beneficial.


Islam has attacked a violent attack against racism and nervousness of ignorance, and built their society on the basis of coexistence and peace, the Almighty said (enter into peace all) (Al-Baqarah / 208).


Hence, we see the voices of some politicians rise above racism and incitement of hatred and hatred, racial discrimination and especially against Muslims, and try to reach the ruling on these voices opposing all the heavenly religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


We warn the world and the minds of what happened in Europe during the first half of the 20th century that Nazism, racism and injustice ignited two world wars that killed tens of millions of people and destroyed Europe completely.


So we call the wise to prevent these extremist voices from appearing and domination, extremism all evil, and the destruction of the whole, racism and destruction and the destruction of any nation was to any religion belongs.


We are all partners in the land and in the future we all protect them from militancy and extremism, racism, whether the name of religion, or folk.


Allah is the seeker


Mw. Dr. Ali Muhiuddin Qara Daghi

     General Secretary of IUMS