Qara Daghi is inspecting the situation of the IDPs in Mosul and appeals to the world to help them

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With Qatari support covering the needs of 16 thousand families:

Qara Daghi is inspecting the situation of IDPs in Mosul and appeals to the world to help them. Extending help and assistance to the Mosul evacuees is a legitimate duty that we must all do.

Sheikh Dr. Ali Qura Daghi the Secretary-General of the IUMS has visited the Nirkezlih camp in Kurdistan in Iraq, which is the closest camp to the city of Mosul to see the conditions of the displaced people of Mosul, who numbered more than forty thousand families that are in urgent need of urgent aid so that they can live. Where he shared their grief and shared their pain and lose their daily conditions that are deplorable, to stand close to the crises they are going through, so as to work to know the facts of things closely through their presence in the field among themselves and try to face these challenges, which suffer continuously because of the lack of food and clothing and other necessities that daily life cannot move without it.

He said, quoting from the officials in the Kurdistan region who complained about the lack of international and Arab aid, "especially to our brothers in Mosul, we see them, women, children and men waiting for their help and assistance,". He also appealed to the rich, governments, humanitarian organizations, the United Nations and all organizations to come to the Kurdistan region, appealing to them all to create the right place for a conference to know their situation, and to see the truth there. He stressed that extending a helping hand to their brothers is a legitimate duty that we must all carry out ... At the end of the tour, his Excellency distributed food to IDPs from Mosul who lack the minimum necessary living necessities of food, clothing, which show the hard stage they are going through.

It is worth mentioning that this money was donated by one of the Qatari benefactors who follow the situation in Mosul, where he donated about 16 thousand families of first aid to their adequacy for twenty days, but there are still many of those needy, who number more than forty thousand families as well as other IDPs.

 The aids were distributed with the help of the Kurdish Islamic Association, an Islamic and charitable organization based in Germany. It cooperates with the United Nations and international organizations and is fully committed to receive aid to the needy in Mosul.