IUMS condemns the Dutch’s unacceptable practices towards Turkey and warns of the negative affects of the growing racism in the West

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Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Final Messenger of Allah; Mohammed, and upon his family and companions and those who follow his guidance, and after:

IUMS has continued the unacceptable acts of the Dutch against the Republic of Turkey, to prevent foreign minister Mowloud Jawish Oglu aircraft of the landing, and stop the Family Minister Fatima Kaya and force her to return to the border, and disperse the Turks demonstrations living in the Netherlands by force, and other practices to prevent a meeting of the Turkish politicians with the Turkish community living in the Netherlands, as in other European countries!!

And that was in order to discuss a sincere Turkish affair, a constitutional amendment approved by the Turkish parliament, its majority, which will be presented to the Turkish people in a referendum, to put their decision.

According to this, IUMS affirms the following:

1. IUMS denounces the Dutch practices, that is politically and morally unacceptable, against the residents in the Netherlands, Turk politicians, the Turkish state, since it gets involved in a sincere Turkish issue, and try to influence the decision of the Turkish independent voter.

2.The Union calls the Arab and Muslim world and the free world to stand with Turkey and full solidarity with them, in the right of its citizens in the meeting with their Politicianas, and express their opinion in the countries where they reside. And in particular that the system advocated by Erdogan is a system that is consistent with Islamic teachings, which make up the faithful or the president is No. 1 in power.

3. The right of politicians to meet the Turks Communities residing in different countries, and discussing the opinion with them on national issues, and the countries in the world allow for such meetings, and to take adequate measures to protect the residents.

4.The Union warns of the danger of racist remarks and practices that is sweeping the West, and that incite against Muslims and Arab peoples and governments, politicians, and lead him from further confrontation and tension and damage to world peace, which we seek refuge Allah from its evil.

And Allah is the intent one, and He is the guidance to the right way.